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Injury research center gets CDC grant

A UNC research center has received a maximum grant allowance of $4.5 million from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — a continuation of funding to conduct four studies about preventing various types of injuries.

‘Heelflix’ now available at the UL

It all started Thursday when junior Jeri Trull posted a photo of the whiteboard in the bottom of the Undergraduate Library on Overheard at UNC. “Online Streaming Access, 800+ Feature Films” was sprawled in big letters across the whiteboard.

UNC team tracks Ebola stats with website

UNC students and recent graduates worked with the Liberian government and American scholars to develop the website Ebola in Liberia, which tracks data of the Ebola outbreak in Liberia.

Durham startup Youth Digital moves to Chapel Hill

Preparing to educate future creators, the technologically gifted are joining Chapel Hill’s entrepreneurial scene.

Science Cafe discusses Ebola at monthly meeting


Students, faculty and community members learned about UNC’s plan to deal with an unlikely Ebola outbreak on campus in a meeting at Top of the Hill’s Back Bar Wednesday afternoon.

UNC's technology licensing revenue doubles

Making and marketing the latest biomedical or computer software discovery is not a quick process.

New legislation increases solar costs, producers adapt

An Oregon-based solar panel producer has created a bump in the road to providing clean, low-cost energy for a Chapel Hill-based solar energy provider.

Yik Yak app's 'herd' expands at UNC


From asking for the time of a football game to complaining about the construction on the quad, UNC’s witty “yaktivity” is beating out that of other major universities across the country.

Q&A with e-cigarettes expert Kurt Ribisl

The American Heart Association released its first detailed policy report Sunday on the increasingly popular e-cigarettes, which heat up liquid that contains nicotine and vaporizes it. The report recommends officially categorizing it as a tobacco product.

UNC professors complete ice bucket challenge to support colleague


The UNC psychology department, recognizing the chance to take advantage of a national sensation to show support for one of its own, arranged a surprise “Ice Bucket Challenge” Wednesday for professor Steven Reznick.

UNC researchers find genetic link to schizophrenia

A team of researchers led by a UNC professor might find new treatments for people with schizophrenia.

UNC telescopes could get robotic lasers


A robot laser could be coming to UNC's Southern Astrophysical Research telescope, thanks to an assistant physics professor.

Professor Nicholas Law worked on the Robo-AO, a 60-inch robotic telescope that uses a laser to clarify images of outer space, at California Institute of Technology's Palomar Observatory for the past five years.

UNC collects $10.8 million grant for solar energy research


It took him 40 years, but Thomas Meyer is finally getting his breakthrough.

Professors analyze media coverage of sex trafficking

UNC professors Barbara Friedman and Anne Johnston were recognized for their work on the Irina Project with the Donna Allen Award for Feminist Advocacy by the Commission on the Status of Women.

Phil Ford Foundation Distinguished Professorship of Pediatrics created at NC Children's Hospital


When former UNC basketball star Phil Ford's cousin approached him about starting a foundation, they were not initially sure what the foundation's cause would be. 

UNC math professors apply research to Flight 370

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has been missing since March 8, and while conspiracy theories flare on the Internet, two math professors at UNC have established why the plane is so hard to find.

Man’s life saved by defibrillator vest

A Mebane man’s life was saved thanks to the LifeVest, an external device designed to act as a precautionary defibrillator for patients with heart conditions.

Google moves its Chapel Hill location to Franklin Street

Google searched high and low, but a close connection to UNC’s computer science department led the company to choose a downtown location for its Chapel Hill office.

UNC professors work for Boston Marathon

The participants of last year’s Boston Marathon won’t let a terrorist attack stop them from crossing the finish line on April 21.

SUCCEED makes science ‘fun’

Sophomore Calvin Snyder did not become a biochemistry major for the work, the late nights, or tons of lab reports he has to finish — it is because he likes the experiments.