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Q&A with professor Joe DeSimone on Carbon company and 3-D printing


Chemistry professor Joe DeSimone is currently on leave from UNC to act as CEO at the company he co-founded, Carbon. Carbon uses Continuous Liquid Interface Production technology that DeSimone helped create to improve 3-D printing. 

Research roundup for April 11, 2017

Researchers in the UNC School of Medicine have linked an orphan receptor with opioid-induced itching.

Q&A with head of digital research services Amanda Henley


Amanda Henley is the head of digital research services in Davis Library. She assists students with their research and technology needs.

Report: North Carolina ranks No. 1 for number of women employed in tech

North Carolina ranked first among states for employment of women in the technology sector, according to the 2017 North Carolina State of Technology Industry Report.

NC State Collaborates with Intel on Computer Chip Design

Researchers at North Carolina State University recently collaborated with Intel Corporation to develop a new computer chip design that improves upon the traditional software-based method of multi-core communication.

County ban may be placed on e-cigarettes for indoor areas of bars, restaurants

As advised by the Orange County Health Department, Orange County is likely to place a ban on e-cigarettes.

Women STEM majors foresee a different kind of post-grad stress


For female STEM majors, the post-grad stress is more than just finding a job immediately after graduation. Few women reach high-ranking positions in the field, so moving up equals more pressure to excel, both internally and externally. 

UNC researchers develop safer nuclear waste storage

Researchers from UNC plan to take their safer way of storing nuclear waste to a larger scale.

Study: HIV awareness surges in response to Charlie Sheen

Researchers from several different universities, including San Diego State University and UNC, came together to study what they call the “Charlie Sheen effect.”

Richard Burr weighs in on Apple backdoor

Republican North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr — up for re-election this year — spoke out against Apple, Inc., writing in an opinion editorial for USA Today that Apple should assist law enforcement's efforts to unlock an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino shooters.

UNC research round-up for Feb. 24, 2016

Despite notions that e-cigarettes are a safer alternative to smoking, new research suggests they may have harmful effects. 

Genetics chairperson appointed vice chancellor for research

On Tuesday, Chancellor Carol Folt announced that UNC’s next vice chancellor for research will be Terry Magnuson, chairperson of the department of genetics.

Chapel Hill to join AT&T's smart city program

Chapel Hill is collaborating with AT&T as a spotlight city to build a smart city framework that will better connect residents to the town through the Internet.

UNC, West Point team up for concussion research with $400,000 grant

A team of professors and researchers at UNC and the U.S. Military Academy at West Point will use a $400,000 award to develop an online platform to change concussion disclosure norms among military personnel and college athletes.

NC tech industry grows, but graduates aren't staying for the jobs

A new report shows growth in North Carolina’s technology sector, but recruitment difficulties continue to challenge the industry.

Psychotic disorders linked to marijuana

The American Psychological Association now recognizes links between frequent adolescent marijuana use and the development of psychotic disorders.

Cold water stuns NC sea turtles


Within only 15 days, more than 1,000 sea turtles have been admitted for rehabilitation to the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center in Surf City near Topsail Island. 

NC medical examiners search for the answers to the questions death leaves behind


Dr. Kim Janssen doesn’t do scary movies. She hates watching bad things happen and can’t stand to see someone suffer.

UNC research round-up for Nov. 30, 2015

The UNC School of Medicine is one step closer to understanding schizophrenia, a mental disorder that affects about one in 100 people.

Opinion: The Triangle is a startup hub, but also much more

Triangles are the strongest polygons. Like all other polygons, all of a triangle’s sides are straight. But with the least number of sides of any polygon, triangles, by nature, have an underestimated strength.