8/16/2020 9:56pm

DTH Photo Illustration.  An Alert Carolina message sent on Saturday, March 21, 2020 confirmed  multiple members of the UNC community have tested positive for COVID-19.

Breaking down UNC's COVID-19 dashboard

UNC has seen 189 COVID-19 cases since February, as of Friday — the last time the dashboard was updated. The dashboard provides information on active Covid-19 cases, positive-case percentages, and additional data on UNC's isolation and quarantine dorms. Provost Bob Blouin said the UNC dashboard will guide University leadership in their off-ramp considerations in partnership with the UNC System Board of Governors, which ultimately makes the call on closing a campus. The Roadmap Implementation Team, led by Provost Bob Blouin, is responsible for making decisions about the UNC COVID-19 dashboard. The 11-member team meets daily.

8/16/2020 8:47pm

DTH Photo Illustration. A Bible sits on a rainbow pride flag.  Students are sharing their experiences of discrimination in campus ministry groups across campus anonymously on the new Instagram page “Call in Campus Ministry.”

'Trauma and ostracization': Students 'call in' Christian groups for discrimination

After Zach Ripberger shared his story of discrimination and homophobia on social media, dozens of other UNC students and graduates came forward to 'call in' campus ministry.  "It got to the point that every time I was doing something with Young Life, I would just look around and I knew that my full identity, my whole identity was not accepted or even affirmed in that space," Ripberger said. Ripberger said he hopes these calls do not detract people from their faith, but rather make faith communities more inclusive. 

8/12/2020 7:50pm

Keely Muscatell is an assistant professor in UNC's Department of Psychology & Neuroscience. Photo courtesy of Keely Muscatell.

We talked to a social psychologist about why social distancing is so hard

The Daily Tar Heel talked with an assistant professor of psychology and neuroscience to answer all your questions about the psychology of wearing a mask: Sometimes it can feel awkward and unnatural to wear masks and physically separate yourself from people. From a psychological standpoint, why is that? Does wearing a mask insinuate that other people are unhygienic? What's the dynamic surrounding people policing the behavior of others?

8/11/2020 7:36pm

Sophomore Tamsin Engel brings a suitcase into Kenan Residence Hall for move-in on Wednesday, Aug. 5, 2020.

‘You don’t walk towards a red flag’: Students debate returning to campus

Amid a global pandemic, students wondered if returning to campus is worth the risk. Sophomore Madison Wommack considered the financial strain of returning as well as the potential risks of returning to campus, since a family works at a hospital. Sophomore Jolie Koonce decided to cancel her housing contract after learning that housing refunds were not guaranteed. Clay Morris considered the dangers returning to campus posed for the larger Chapel Hill community.  First-year Savannah Pless had to weigh attempting to have as normal of a typical first-year experience as possible, with the financial costs. 

8/10/2020 9:53pm

The Carolina Ready app will provide resources for COVID-19 to UNC students, but some people are worried about the safety and security of the app.

Carolina Ready app brings new safety features — and new student concerns

On July 30, UNC announced the launch of the new Carolina Ready Safety App — replacing the LiveSafe app  — developed in conjunction with UNC Police Chief David Perry and his team. The app includes features such as a mobile BlueLight system that connects students to emergency services through location-sharing and is only operational on campus. However, some UNC community members are concerned that software vulnerabilities could potentially leave users open to hackers and privacy breaches. 

8/9/2020 11:25pm

DTH Photo Illustration depicting a person handing over 15 file folders.

UNC released sexual assault records — what happens next?

The University released the records of students found responsible for violating UNC's sexual assault policy Thursday, four years after The Daily Tar Heel and other news organizations requested them in 2016.  UNC provided a total of 15 records to fulfill the request. Clery Act data shows that since 2007, there have been over 200 reported cases of sex offenses at the University. Here is what the 15 records UNC released mean now that the lawsuit has concluded, what the data shows and what the DTH plans to do next to investigate sexual assault on campus. 

8/9/2020 10:59pm

Signs promoting social distancing and safety at the Die-In Protest on Wednesday, Aug. 5, 2020 as Jennifer Standish, a UNC graduate student in the Department of History, speaks outside of South Building on Wednesday, Aug. 5, 2020. The protest called for UNC to transition to fully remote classes for the Fall 2020 semester after a letter of caution sent to Chancellor Guskiewicz by the Orange County Health Director Quintana Stewart.

UNC employees sue the University system over workplace safety

Gary Shipman, a Wilmington-based lawyer, is representing UNC System faculty and staff in the midst of preparing a class-action lawsuit to delay in-person classes. In a response to Shipman, NCDOL General Counsel Jill F. Cramer and Deputy Commissioner of Labor Kevin Beauregard acknowledged the concerns of faculty and staff members. However, they stated it is the responsibility of the UNC System to develop policies and plans that reduce the risk of exposure of contracting COVID-19 — not the department.