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Friday July 23rd


If Greek houses were to fall under joint jurisdiction, both the Chapel Hill Police and UNC Police Departments could respond to incidents on the properties.

UNC is requesting an expansion of joint jurisdiction to cover Greek life housing near campus

In March, the University requested to expand its joint jurisdiction policy between the Chapel Hill Police Department and UNC Police. The goal would be for the University to have jurisdiction over off-campus Greek housing.  This expansion would extend the agreement that the town of Chapel Hill and the University entered into when the University took over jurisdiction of Granville Towers.

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Alan S. Kim, left, Steven Yeun, Noel Cho and Yeri Han in A24's "Minari." Photo courtesy of David Bornfriend/A24/TNS)

What to Watch: Oscars Edition

The 2021 Oscars awards will showcase a diverse selection of films April 25th. Some notable films that the Academy nominated are Judas and the Black Messiah, Nomadland and Sound of Metal. With theaters being closed this year, viewers can catch these films or various streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and HBO Max. 

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Isaiah McCleod and Kaelyn Wall are two first-year students  who met in the fall semester and are currently dating. COVID-19 has presented challenges, but also brought them together.

One year of love during the pandemic

With COVID-19 social distancing regulations and restrictions in place, finding a romantic partner during the pandemic has been challenging for many. Despite this, some UNC students shared how they've navigated dating in the past year. 

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An Orange County exhibit opening virtually on Thursday will look at the ways that dating has changed since the beginning of the 20th century. Photo courtesy of Courtney Smith.

Orange County Historical Museum will take you on a date, 20th century style

“I think the most exciting part is seeing the way love is portrayed in different decades, because now I feel like love is portrayed in a solid, social media sense, and you see this idealized version of love and you forget what it was like before Instagram and Tinder and Bumble and all those dating apps,” Ainsley Cogburn said. “The natural progression of love throughout the decades is really interesting to see.”

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Sophomores Abigail Earley, left, and Maya Tadross, right, founded the UNC OCD support group after realizing that there wasn't a specific resource for OCD on campus. Their group meets each week, alternating between social meetings and info meetings, where they highlight different OCD treatment techniques and medicines. The key thing, Earley says, is that people know OCD is more than just being neat. 

Two students start the first OCD support group at UNC

What started as an idea from a Facebook group led two sophomores to form a new organization at the University: the OCD Support Group at UNC.  Sophomores Maya Tadross and Abigail Early said they became interested in creating the group because of the limited resources available for students with OCD. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tadross said people with OCD related to contamination have faced additional challenges, making it even more important for a support group to be formed.

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