11/11/2019 10:17pm

corporatization of higher ed

Some fear the UNC System is going corporate as administrative searches continue

As the UNC System searches for a president and UNC searches for a chancellor, the prospect of a having a leader from the corporate world adds to the existing conversation among some faculty about the corporatization of higher education.  Corporatization at colleges refers to the infusion of corporate values into higher education, and many faculty members see it as an issue because of its effects on shared governance between faculty and administrators. Here is why some think corporate values in higher education is a positive thing, and some fear their influence. 

11/10/2019 7:40pm

The Carolina Latinx Center will open this school year, after years of student campaigning. Photo courtesy of Gabriela Silva. 

Here's how a UNC alumna is using pupusas to tackle education inequity

Cecilia Polanco created non-profit offer scholarships to students who have either undocumented or DACA legal status and have applied or been accepted to a two- or four-year higher education institution. This helps students afford their education and gives them support after they enter a post-secondary institution. 

11/10/2019 6:28pm

Alexandra Smith, a senior media and journalism and Hispanic linguistics double major is photographed in her apartment on Saturday, Nov. 9, 2019. “I just wish people at UNC realized [mental health is] something that shouldn’t be stigmatized,” Smith said. “It’s something that should be normal and prioritized just as much as your physical health is.”

Students work to improve their mental health as UNC works to improve its resources

Several UNC students are speaking out about their mental health, and how they feel UNC should better accommodate students with mental illnesses. In April 2019, the Mental Health Task Force at UNC released a report showing that counseling services on campus are being used at an increasing rate. This trend also exists at colleges and universities nationwide. UNC is making a variety of changes, such as introducing a 24/7 CAPS hotline, to improve mental health care at UNC. Still, some students think the University should be doing more to provide this type of care. 

11/5/2019 9:51pm

The University covered a plaque at Kenan Memorial Stadium with a UNC logo, over a year after former Chancellor Carol Folt announced that the dedication would be changed in 2018. 

Plaque with racist ties at Kenan Stadium covered by UNC logo

In October 2018, then-Chancellor Carol Folt announced that the University would rededicate Kenan Stadium to William Rand Kenan Jr. so as not to honor his father, who was the commander of a white supremacist unit. More than a year later, the University has covered a plaque with temporary signage.