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Saturday May 27th


No such thing as an ideal situation

ove your body. At least that’s what the National Organization for Women says you should do. Its ongoing campaign for positive body image encourages women to see through the smoke and mirrors and Photoshop used in the media, and to celebrate their own natural bodies. But has anyone told you lately to love your vagina?

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Accents: a subtle form of ?attery

Sometimes I have a very Southern accent. Other times, it’s practically undetectable. And really it just depends on where I am and who I’m talking to. But it doesn’t stop at minor alterations in dialect, and it’s not only me. We all change various things about ourselves to adapt to a slew of very different social contexts.

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UNC leads gap year efforts

Most students go straight from high school to college. It’s the expected path, the recommended path — maybe even the safest. And there’s nothing wrong with it; this trajectory is exactly what many students need.

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In a fight for rights, we are all Egyptians

What many people, including that guy downing CNN, fail to realize is that Egypt isn’t just some random desert nation, conveniently located thousands of miles away. The reality is that events in Egypt have had a direct effect on people you and I see every day. For some, the Egyptian revolution hits very close to home.

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Don’t bask in Duke’s big loss just yet

Next to a Tar Heel victory, the most popular development in the college basketball season for UNC fans is a resounding Duke loss. During and after a drubbing such as the St. John’s victory on Sunday, Tar Heel fans usually take a moment (or several) to relish in the vulnerability of our nearby nemesis.

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Women are more than the statistic

Happy Anniversary! It was one year ago this week (Feb. 5) that New York Times ‘Styles’ reporter Alex Williams waltzed into Chapel Hill and gave his depiction of the life of a UNC woman. His article was troubling, to say the least.

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The ?surreal life of the D.C. intern

There’s a whole page in the nightlife section of the Fodor’s guide for D.C. about interns, and how to recognize them by the eager expressions, intern badges – and hangovers. It sounds cynical, but the truth is worse. Securing an internship in D.C. requires stellar references, resumes, writing samples, interviews and more, all for a chance to work in the American capital.

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The ‘G’ does not stand for genetic

Ah, the female G-spot. The stuff of sexual legend. Does it exist? Does it not exist? Do you just need better directions to find it, or a “G”PS? Well, a 2010 study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine has thrown in and says that while it may be in some people’s jeans, it’s actually not in their genes.

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Roy gets real: Williams’ frank words for ?ckle fans were a ?justi?ed response to equally frank criticism

Roy Williams’ controversial remarks after the UNC basketball team’s 55th straight win at home against Clemson were a perfectly justified — if harsh — response to equally harsh criticism. Coach Williams has taken heat after making remarks, not about the Tuesday night’s victory, but about his radio show conversations with fans last Monday in regard to the loss to Georgia Tech.

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Operation sweet potato — success!

It’s lunch time at Lenoir — and you are hungry. Maybe you’ve set your eyes on a caprice chicken sandwich, the well-dressed specialty of a new local vendor in Lenoir; or perhaps you packed a colorful salad today with organic greens, even including lettuce’s weird liberal uncle — arugula?

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