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Sunday March 26th


A warm welcome back

Whether it’s your first year at UNC or you’re coming back after a summer away, we hope you’ve gotten a chance to rediscover our beautiful campus, catch up with good friends and recover from lugging heavy boxes into your new place. It’s great to see campus come alive again!

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Let us feed your online addiction

The Daily Tar Heel amped up efforts to reach readers through social media last year when we put someone in charge of building and interacting with the Chapel Hill community. As a news organization, we succeed only when we’re in touch with our readers.

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Tilting at windmills: Duke Energy and UNC should partner to produce technologies that truly benefit consumers

Duke Energy’s decision to abandon the construction of wind turbines in the Pamlico Sound is indicative of just how uneconomical wind is as an energy source. If anything, Duke Energy should use its partnership with UNC to make the technology viable instead of implementing it as is. As it stands, wind technology in its current form is a raw deal for consumers, and hardly environmentally friendly. The original plan was to put three “demonstration” turbines in the Sound.

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Prevailing in the pursuit of soul food

You begin to look at life in a different way when you’re waiting in line for food stamps. For me, that point in life has come sooner than expected. I was made aware of the fact that I would soon be dependent on social services after learning how little a salary I will earn next year while working with City Year (part of AmeriCorps).

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DTH lives inside its pages, not its office

I’ll never forget the first day I walked into The Daily Tar Heel newsroom. Dressed in a white summer suit and carrying a reporter’s notebook, I walked determinedly and confidently into the Student Union, determined to make a name for myself at the best college paper in the country. Then I got lost. Some kind soul at the information desk finally directed me to the office.

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