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UNC students watch the game on Saturday, Sept. 7, 2019. UNC beat Miami 28-25.

Buzz surrounding UNC football leads to student ticket fiasco

Attending UNC football games is as popular among students as it’s ever been in recent memory. With head coach Mack Brown’s return, there’s an excitement around the program that hasn’t been there since at least 2015. But a new student ticket policy, along with increased demand, has made it difficult for many students to get tickets.  Students must now claim their tickets through an online portal 10 days before game day. Claim periods for the first three home games have passed, and some have expressed their frustration with the system — especially with all tickets being claimed in 30 minutes or less for the App State and Clemson games.  

Unsustainable scholarship: How private companies control research in higher education

Academic research is a staple of university libraries. Faculty depend on it for their own research, and students need it for their studies. But because of private publishing companies, who play a confusing and controlling role in the process of research creation, UNC Libraries is sounding alarms about the system's flaws.  The publishing companies make money by selling research journal access to university libraries in confidential deals. UNC Libraries said there's an imbalance in the process, because tax payers subsidize research authoring, then subsequently have to pay again for research access.  Rebels against the publishing giants advocate for open access — publishing online for free without paywalls — and say that continuing to buy into publishers' demands will impair scientific progress.