11/12/2008 12:00am

Homecoming selection process unfair this year

Why two extremely qualified female black candidates for homecoming queen Mia Barnes and Eboni Blake were denied the right to campaign has never been fully explained but one cannot help but find fault in the process when one reviews their resumes and service project plans.

11/11/2008 12:00am

Raynor has right to send delegates to ASG

TO THE EDITOR: Although representatives speak on others behalf one doesn't have to have a fancy title or position to accomplish things. Like Student Body President J.J. Raynor or anybody else I desire to participate in our community.

11/11/2008 12:00am

Every UNC student should dance at least one time

TO THE EDITOR: We invite you to sign up to be a dancer at the 2009 Marathon because of what your involvement will mean to the community. Now in its 11th year of existence the UNC Dance Marathon is the largest student-run fundraiser on campus and last year we had more than 1000 students involved.

11/11/2008 12:00am

Iraqi rock band illustrates perseverance dedication

TO THE EDITOR: Heavy metal is a unique musical genre especially in Iraq. Cultural norms and security issues make the practice and performance of heavy metal almost impossible. The band Acrassicauda is Iraq's only heavy metal band and its story tells us exactly why.

11/10/2008 12:00am

Lawson ran impressive campaign against Price

Neither Dr. B.J. Lawson nor his campaign ever called Congressman David Price a ""liar."" We did often call him out for untruthful assertions"" such as the implicit accusation on his campaign Web site that Dr. Lawson supports the financial deregulation that contributed significantly to the current crisis. Calling one out for untruthful statements doesn't equate to calling one a liar.

11/9/2008 12:00am

DTH should be critical of Obama administration

I hope that even though the election is over the DTH will continue to be critical of the policies and actions that President-elect Barack Obama takes in office. The election has brought attention to many important issues that I hope do not fall out of the spotlight simply because the votes have been counted.

11/9/2008 12:00am

Washington must monitor corporate bailout money

Why are taxpayers paying thousands of dollars for executive retreats? Less then a week after getting $85 billion from the government the insurance corporation AIG spent $440000 on an executive retreat. A few weeks later as the government gave them another $38.7 billion a handful of the top AIG executives spent thousands on an English hunting trip. Now we find out that only 22 days after being taken over by the government Fannie Mae spent close to $7000 on an executive golf trip for 20 people.

11/9/2008 12:00am

Raynor's nonattendance policy counterproductive

Student Body President J.J. Raynor has made a decision not to attend meetings of the UNC Association of Student Governments. Her reasons while not entirely lacking merit are not a substantive argument for failing to represent the students of UNC at the highest level of student government in the state.

11/7/2008 12:00am

Racist reader comment shouldn't have run in DTH

TO THE EDITOR:Comments created from hate need to be left out of the opinion page. The DTH does not need to give credence to their words by including it in the paper.

11/7/2008 12:00am

DTH editorial page right to endorse candidates

TO THE EDITOR:In response to Dane Rogers' letter to the editor (""DTH'S election coverage was unethical and biased"" Nov. 6): while I agree that news reporting should be accurate, clear, complete and fair, I do not see how that applies to an editorial page.

11/3/2008 12:00am

Orange County needs the experience Pelissier brings

TO THE EDITOR: Bernadette Pelissier has consistently demonstrated clear understanding of the interlaced needs problems opportunities and solutions we share locally county wide and regionally as evidenced through her work on the Community Leadership Council Orange Water and Sewer Authority the Orange County Planning Board and the Triangle-wide Special Transit Advisory Committee.

11/3/2008 12:00am

Pittenger will reduce taxes increase efficiency in N.C.

TO THE EDITOR: The N.C. General Assembly has been criticized for stifling open and fair debate on the state budget preventing nearly all proposed amendments from discussion. Such a process is anti-democratic and it has led to an unprecedented ballooning of government spending and $7.4 billion in new taxes in the last seven years.

11/3/2008 12:00am

McCrory is antidote to the corruptive rule in Raleigh

TO THE EDITOR: For too long North Carolina has been governed by an elite few in the Democrat Party. This single-party rule has led North Carolina into a state of extravagance corruption and malfeasance.

11/3/2008 12:00am

McCrory promises to have transparent government

TO THE EDITOR:  For far too long Raleigh has been filled with politicians who have closed government from its citizens and promoted a culture of corruption and dishonesty. Pat McCrory stands alone as the candidate that can bring the necessary openness and honesty back to Raleigh.

11/3/2008 12:00am

Vote McCain because of his strong economic policy

TO THE EDITOR: John McCain has a long record as an anti-pork-barrel deficit hawk and will not choke Americans with a slew of new tax hikes. With a $10.5 trillion national debt McCain's plan to freeze domestic spending during his first year in office and restrict it to 2.4 percent growth throughout the rest of his term remains essential.

11/3/2008 12:00am

Bev Perdue is the choice for fresh and new ideas

TO THE EDITOR: Lt. Gov. Bev Perdue will bring fresh and new ideas as our next governor. Perdue understands that North Carolina needs new jobs to build a strong infrastructure in order to tackle the today's economy.