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Saturday August 13th


Letter: Self-care is better for students than stress

In the (editorial) “Midterms can hurt the mind, body and spirit — take care of yourself,” you address the difficulties that come alongside with midterms. You mention that although our GPA and grades are important, students undergo enormous amounts of stress during the midterm-season.

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Letter: ​Vote out Pat McCrory for a better N.C.

In the North Carolina gubernatorial debate between Gov. McCrory and Roy Cooper, McCrory touted his economic record and slammed Cooper for trying to make the campaign about social issues. McCrory’s critique is hypocritical on two fronts.

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Letter: ​One major isn’t more valuable than others

“Kenan-Flagler’s proposed fee sets a bad precedent,” argues that the proposal of a $3,000 fee for undergraduate majors of business contradicts the University values of affordability and equity and would set a precedent for other programs to charge fees based on their “perceived worth.”

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Letter: ​Do not obscure the truth in narratives

Joseph Tillotson (’66) writes about the Israeli-Palestinian situation, asking The Daily Tar Heel to provide the “true facts” involved. His own letter, however, uses statements that themselves obscure truth. He says in 1948 Israel destroyed villages and “forcibly evicted” 700,000 Palestinians.

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Letter: Women are more than daughters and wives

I am writing today in response to the letter “Trump needs to step down from candidacy” by Edana Kleinhans. In the letter, she argues that Republicans ought to condemn Trump’s candidacy in light of his vulgar comments on women.

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Letter: Protests are necessary

In your editorial “Contextualizing violent protests,” you talked about how the problem with Black Lives Matter protests are not the form of protest, but rather the reason for protesting.

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Letter: ​Education issues are multifaceted

I am writing in regards to Danielle Chemtob’s article “Spellings addresses NC education concerns at forum,” which details the proceedings of the Carolina Forum hosted by UNC-system President Margaret Spellings and Kati Haycock, CEO of The Education Trust.

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Letter: ​Nazi comparisons prevent discourse

In response to the Oct. 18 letter “Republicans are not Nazis, obviously,” it should be noted that Mr. Council’s passionate defense of the GOP and disgust for ahistorical comparisons contains not only substantial factual errors on the history of National Socialism, but also logical fallacies.

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Letter: ​Stop misrepresenting Two for Two, please

The article titled “GPSF asks for changes ...” published on Oct. 25 addresses an important conversation happening between members of GPSF and Student Congress, but it misrepresents the timeline and motivation behind the emergency meeting request.

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