9/8/2009 10:56pm

Decision to cut academic library journals is foolish

TO THE EDITOR:Thursday’s editorial (“Small cuts, big difference,” Sept. 3)about serials cancellations was foolish, anti-intellectual and just plain wrong. I speak in particular defense of the “Journal of Metamorphic Geology.” As one who teaches and does research in this area, I can assure you that many students and faculty rely on that journal. You don’t “flip through it.” It’s not “People.”

9/8/2009 10:53pm

Athletes should give back financially to Carolina

TO THE EDITOR:Last Friday, many former Carolina basketball players currently in the NBA played an alumni game to launch the year-long celebration of the 100th anniversary of UNC basketball. Buzz Peterson was quoted as saying, “It’s not just a group of guys, it’s a family.”

9/7/2009 11:43pm

Varsity is integral to UNC experience

The first Saturday night of my freshman year, my friends and I consulted the maps we’d gotten at C-TOPS and made the long trek up to Franklin Street to see “Superbad.” Before I’d lofted my bed or memorized my PID or figured out that the last three words of the fight song weren’t “Rah, rah, rah,” I’d already had my first real Carolina experience: going to the Varsity Theater. The Varsity — which closed this summer after more than 80 years of Carolina students showing up late and talking through the previews — was an icon.

9/7/2009 11:39pm

Lending a hand: Microloan program for homeless should be expanded

The Community Empower-ment Fund, a collaborative effort by three campus organizations, has found success in reaching out to Chapel Hill’s homeless.This microloan program, which gives participating homeless people $300 to pursue skill workshops, should be expanded and should also include outreach for applicants who aren’t approved for loans.Those who apply should all be granted access to the resources made available in the program, specifically by pairing homeless participants with student advisers regardless of whether they receive one of the loans.

9/7/2009 11:39pm

Give them a break: Stop forcing UNC employees to shoulder so much of the burden from budget cuts

The University and the state have asked our employees to sacrifice too much. There’s been a mandatory two-hour workday cut on Oct. 22 for a football game, a 0.5 percent reduction in salary, a 10-hour furlough and now a decrease in employee course waivers from three classes to eight credit hours. The budget crisis requires sacrifices from everybody, but too much is being asked of a group that has little say in the budget decisions of Gov. Bev Perdue. They seem to be the first group hung out to dry when it comes time to make more cuts.

9/7/2009 11:38pm

Take H1N1 seriously: The virus is here on campus, but with several small lifestyle changes we can help prevent its spread

As the H1N1 virus sweeps through college campuses across the country, students must remember to take the virus seriously.This is not to imply most of us aren’t … though we have heard our fair share of “swine flu” jokes across campus. But by staying aware and making small changes in our day-to-day routine, we can try to live in a healthier environment.Campus Health Services administrators have done their part, disseminating information and getting students the help they need.

9/7/2009 11:30pm

Fewer TAs in classroom hurts quality of teaching

TO THE EDITOR:I have read the article “Fewer teaching assistants hired” in The Daily Tar Heel (Sept. 5), and I am disappointed.The fact that UNC departments have to hire fewer teaching assistants is an alarming sign for graduate students who can only afford to do their research because they are offered the positions of teaching assistants.

9/7/2009 11:28pm

Letter misrepresented the idea of ‘positive rights’

TO THE EDITOR:In his recent letter to the editor (“Rep. Price’s views differ from Founding Fathers’,” Sept. 4), James A. Wadsworth makes a number of preposterous assertions.First of all, he criticizes U.S. Rep. David Price, D-N.C., not for his views on health care, but rather for supporting the idea of positive rights in the first place. Wadsworth believes that somehow this isn’t in keeping with the ideals of the holy Founding Fathers.On the contrary, one needs only look as far as the United States Constitution to find positive rights.

9/7/2009 11:24pm

Give the ASG a chance to prove its value to UNC

TO THE EDITOR:The Association of Student Governments is an important organization for UNC-Chapel Hill to be a part of. It is one of the ways in which all 17 UNC-system campuses can come together to discuss issues and ideas that each campus is facing throughout the year.

9/4/2009 12:28pm

It’s time we leave the Association of Student Governments

This is the last straw for the UNC-system Association of Student Governments. In light of an inflated budget and lack of results, it’s time that UNC-Chapel Hill stops funding this group.ASG, a group responsible for representing the interests of students throughout the entire UNC system, has not proved its worth. And its use of student fees is simply embarrassing.Last weekend, ASG gave final approval to its $260,000 budget for the upcoming year. These funds come directly from student fees paid by UNC-system students.

9/3/2009 11:14pm

Protesters should know their facts

A few protesters in Raleigh have a strange definition of rape. And through them, we can all learn about decorum in disagreements, how to listen and why we learn before we speak.I went there a few weeks ago to see the premiere of “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell,” a movie based on a collection of stories of the same name written and lived by Tucker Max. He is the quintessential bar-party boy, famous for his sweet talking and subsequent sexual conquests. His genre is a guy’s version of chick lit, and his audience is the college crowd.

9/3/2009 11:11pm

Keep it artsy: The University and Chapel Hill should ?nd a way to keep the Varsity Theater an arts venue

The closing of the Varsity Theater on Franklin Street this summer was a devastating blow to the Chapel Hill community. But hopefully, this vacancy will only be temporary. While it’s wonderful to see businesses moving back to Franklin Street and the town’s renewed commitment to fostering economic development, it’s hard to believe we can’t support a main street movie theater. And it’s so unfortunate that two of the three independent movie theaters in Chapel Hill have closed within the past five years.

9/3/2009 11:10pm

Enough is enough, ASG: In light of wasted money and ineffectiveness, it’s time we leave the Association of Student Governments

Due to an reporting error in this editorial, the board incorrectly stated who may eliminate the Association of Student Governments fee. The UNC-system Board of Governors can eliminate this fee. Due to editing errors in this editorial, the board incorrectly stated who was involved in the incident leading to assault charges against Cole Jones. It was the aunt of Jones’ son.

9/3/2009 11:01pm

Inebriated sex can have very serious consequences

TO THE EDITOR:Austin Capobianco’s letter to the editor (“If it feels good, it must be wrong — sex included,” Sept. 2) makes a joke of a situation which is very serious to many, especially to survivors and secondary survivors. It also downplays the importance of many who work tirelessly to end sexual violence. Never has it been stated that inebriated sex is bad. What has been stated is that legal consent cannot be given by a person who is inebriated.

9/2/2009 11:08pm

Trying out the ‘real world’

Before moving into their freshman dorm, most college students are already dreaming about their senior year. Your final year in college is the last few months before you start the rest of your life. Otherwise known as the “real world,” the rest of your life entails having to do adult things like work and pay bills — all the things required and expected of a responsible post-college human being.

9/2/2009 11:06pm

QuickHits for Sept. 3

SRCThumbs downThe first few weeks of school mean that there are hordes of freshmen trying out the Student Recreation Center. We know you think you can avoid the freshman 15. Fat chance. 'Drank'Thumbs upInnovative Beverage Group has introduced a new relaxation drink called “Drank.” Now if somebody asks to “buy you a drank,” you won’t have to get drunk and forget what you did. Sorry, T-Pain.H1N1Thumbs down

9/2/2009 11:02pm

Small cuts, big difference: Many smaller budget cuts can help the University save big bucks in the end

The University has found another way to cut the fat from our budget with little academic disruption. University libraries have canceled almost 640 seldom-used journal and magazine subscriptions.It seems highly doubtful that more than a handful of students have ever voluntarily flipped through a copy of “The Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada” or “The Journal of Metamorphic Geology.” Yet the libraries have been subscribing to these obscure bimonthly publications for years.