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The 13 Percent | Last updated: 02/10 RSS

In spring 2015, only 13 percent of UNC's graduate and undergraduate students voted to elect a student body president who would represent them on the Board of Trustees, lobby on their behalf in Raleigh, meet with administrators to make major decisions about the UNC's future and help determine how much money students would pay in tuition and fees in the next year.

The Daily Tar Heel wants to change that. This blog will be a hub for all student government coverage, including election news, proposed changes to the Student Code and updates from Student Congress's finance committee as it allocates student fees to organizations.

At the DTH, we get so excited for election season. Paying attention to student government is the only way we can hold our leaders accountable. That's what we tell reporters every week as we send them off to Student Congress meetings.

Participating in government (as a voter, a candidate, an interested citizen) is a privilege, but democracy only works if people speak up. The 13 Percent is here to help you know what's up with your student government.

Business Boom | Last updated: 01/27 RSS

Your source for all things local business, including openings and closings as well as restaurant reviews. Email with any questions, concerns or story ideas.

Carolina Living | Last updated: 02/08 RSS

The Daily Tar Heel's lifestyle coverage, from crafting to cooking and beyond. Email with comments, concerns and story ideas.

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Medium | Last updated: 02/09 RSS

From hometown hits to national favorites, Medium critiques music, movies and books and offers perspectives on cultural happenings through an artistic lens. Contact with questions, ideas, and more.

Tar Heel Life Hacks | Last updated: 02/09 RSS

Searching for tips, advice and trend alerts for UNC students and lifelong Tar Heels alike? Look no further. Email for with comments, questions or story ideas.

Pit Talk | Last updated: 02/09 RSS

Campus news and happenings. If you have questions or comments, e-mail Opinions expressed in blog posts are those of the authors, and not of The Daily Tar Heel.

Town Talk | Last updated: 02/09 RSS

Town Talk covers people, events, businesses and local government in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro area. Check out our two weekly series: Humans of Chapel Hill and Live from Franklin Tweet. Email questions, concerns or comments to

Having It All | Last updated: 02/09 RSS

Having It All is a podcast about everything  — UNC news, pop culture happenings, national celebrity gossip, local celebrity gossip and conspiracies on all levels. Having It All attempts to do just that — have it all. Whether the topic is happy, sad, organized or dysfunctional, hosts Kelsey Weekman and Alice Wilder deliver news, ask hard questions and joke around. Email them ideas, topics and feedback at

Dress Code | Last updated: 02/07 RSS

For the fashionable students of UNC, Dress Code is here for outfit inspiration and trend watches on and around campus. Dress Code is run by a team of DTH staff writers, and opinions in this blog do not represent the opinions of The Daily Tar Heel. Contact with questions or ideas.

DTH Sports at a Glance | Last updated: 02/08 RSS

The DTH's semi-weekly newsletter covering UNC athletics is posted here and delivered Mondays and Fridays to subscribers.

View from the Hill | Last updated: 02/07 RSS

Raleigh and Washington Politics from a Tar Heel Perspective. Email tips and comments to

The Onyen | Last updated: 02/05 RSS

The Daily Tar Heel's first and most important satire blog. Email with any comments, but note that we are only taking compliments at this time.

From the Press Box | Last updated: 02/06 RSS

From the Press Box presents a collection of in-game and post-game recaps for weekend sports action in addition to notes from practices and other entertaining stories throughout the week. Contact with questions or comments.

Canvas | Last updated: 02/05 RSS

Your DTH dose of all things artistic! Canvas covers the flourishing culture of the Chapel Hill/Carrboro area, providing event previews, show reviews and in-depth looks at local artists. For more information, questions or comments, contact

DTH News Quiz | Last updated: 02/04 RSS

Test your news knowledge with The Daily Tar Heel's weekly news quiz.

Paige Views | Last updated: 02/02 RSS

Paige Ladisic is the 2015-16 editor-in-chief of The Daily Tar Heel. After two years as the online editor, she's not ready to say goodbye to writing digitally — so she started Paige Views, a blog where readers can keep up with the decisions the DTH makes and hear the logic behind those decisions.

Follow Paige at @ladisicpaige. Email her at

You Asked for It | Last updated: 02/01 RSS

Drew Goins and Kelsey Weekman are You Asked for It, UNC-Chapel Hill's premier (only!) advice column. This is where we stash our extras, questions not fit to print, things we do while procrastinating, etc. Opinions are their own and DEFINITELY do not reflect those of The Daily Tar Heel. Email comments, concerns, public records requests and eerily personal fan mail to

Photos of the Week | Last updated: 02/10 RSS

Our favorite photos every week. Email with comments.

Fair Game | Last updated: 01/13 RSS

Fair Game is a podcast about the current issues facing college athletics hosted by Director of Enterprise Bradley Saacks. The inspiration for the production stems from Saacks' time as the University Editor in the 2014-15 academic year, when he saw firsthand the complexities of the current system of college athletics while covering UNC's athletic-academic scandal. The podcast covers topics relating to UNC's athletic-academic scandal, of course, but also larger national trends that affect the entire college sports landscape. 

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