Lil John and "Turn Down For What?" help inspire youth voter turnout

How do you get youth voters to turn out on Nov. 4 to vote, particularly when they tend to have significantly lower participation rates during midterm elections than in a presidential year?

Rock the Vote has enlisted well-known rapper Lil John — and his multi-platinum hit song "Turn Down For What?"

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Animals lend a paw to congressional candidates in campaign ads

Political candidates have to cut across the clutter of jingles, corporate slogans and forced hashtags that inundate viewers’ screens. A handful of political ads attempt to hold viewers attention with a hand — or paw — from the animal kingdom.

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Economy tops priorities for American voters, but not in NC

As the 2014 midterm elections draw near, American voters are still hungry for economic progress and unhappy with Congress — but North Carolinians are taking a sharp interest in foreign policy.

A poll released Oct. 2 by the Associated Press and German research firm GfK Group showed that economic recovery topped the list of issues for Americans this election season, followed closely by national security.

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