7/2/2018 11:07pm

GoTriangle has designed mock-ups for a light rail between Durham and Chapel Hill paralleling 15-501. Graphic courtesy of GoTriangle.

Light rail project is possible again but has tight deadline

“They had strong political backers, big funders of theirs calling them up and questioning them on why were they going to do this crazy thing." This light rail project has faced stops when it came to federal and state level funding. A recent bill has set a new path to completion, but tight deadlines may mean going back to square one. 

5/16/2018 9:26pm

UNC senior Laeral Knutson orders from the Baguettaboutit food truck at the Rosemary Rodeo on Nov. 5, 2017.

Plan Your Weekend: May 17-20

Dogs, emo music and a whole lot of food — if you are looking for something to do with your family, partner, new subletter or classmate from your eight-person summer class, the DTH has got you covered. 

4/24/2018 9:22pm

OWASA workers monitor the amount of water flowing in and out of Chapel Hill during the Feb. 2017 water shortage.

New water meters to manage water and reduce waste in Orange County

OWASA’s sustainability manager, Mary Tiger, said the initiative will improve OWASA’s service to the local community. Kentrel Inc. is working with OWASA to install the new meters, which Tiger said have received community support for their ability to save customers' money while also protecting the environment.  

4/24/2018 7:08pm

Rosa del Carmen Ortez-Cruz posed for a portrait showing her scars on her stomach from when she was stabbed by her former partner in Honduras.

Chapel Hill church provides sanctuary for undocumented resident

Sitting on a tan couch on a Friday afternoon, Rosa del Carmen Ortez-Cruz and a visiting friend crocheted intricate stitches of thin, pink yarn into a small spiral, about half the size of Ortez-Cruz’s palm.  This is how Ortez-Cruz has spent most of her time over the past two weeks — crocheting, reading the Bible, sewing and learning English — all within the confines of her office-turned-bedroom, 50 miles away from her family and home. 

4/24/2018 12:24am

First year Ashley Boldt says Uber is helpful for out-of-state students like herself who don’t always have access to a car on campus.

Uber everywhere: ridesharing companies used for a variety for a reasons

UNC first-year Ashley Boldt typically uses Uber several times a week. Without a car on campus, the service lets her go to the supermarket, the airport and to destinations off-campus with her friends.   A good Uber driver is on time, doesn’t scare her with their driving and is generally a nice person, Boldt said. Occasionally, she said she has had drivers that have made her feel uncomfortable. “A few times I’ve seen my drivers go off the route of the GPS and I always get nervous for a second, even if nothing has ever come of it,” she said.