Topics: Sex Issue

The Daily Tar Heel's Special Projects and Investigations team presents the Sex Issue — in the stands on Nov. 19, 2014.

LGBTQ rights historically threatened with baseball bats, anti-gay preaching


North Carolina Speaker of the House, Tim Moore, once tried to defund the Carolina Gay and Lesbian Association as UNC’s speaker of student congress, in 1988.

Little time spent on sex ed in NC classes


North Carolina is one of just 18 states that require public schools to teach information about contraception — and one of only 13 states that require that information taught about STIs and sex to be factually accurate. 

'Sugar baby' work offsets college costs

Rachel dressed up in her fanciest clothes for their first date: a pair of black shoes, plain black tights and a dress. As a student working with a budget, this was what she considered her best outfit.

Law enforcement has difficulty policing sex work as it moves online

With two kids and no money, Z. needed money fast, and she realized that selling her time — and in some cases, herself — online was her best option.

Because of the internet, escort and sex work has changed since the days of standing on street corners.

LGBTQ students seek awareness of spectrum of sexuality


Morgan McLaughlin keeps her hair long. She doesn’t wear sporty clothes. She doesn’t conform to lesbian stereotypes, and when it comes to finding dates, she feels invisible.

Consulting the ‘sexperts’ on myths

I-Team member Breanna Kerr compiled a list of common sex myths and went straight to the experts: the folks at UNC Student Wellness. 

Column: Say it to my face, not to my screen


What is it about being behind a screen that makes us feel so safe and protected? Is it that we can hide behind fake profiles or the, “Sorry, that was my friend,” excuse?

Column: Why sex?


It's important to identify and condemn sex when it’s used as a weapon and celebrate it when it’s used as an expression of love and empowerment.

Human trafficking in North Carolina: slavery in plain sight



Where do Tar Heels hook up?


Members of the Projects & Investigations team compiled common places where UNC students hook up on campus.

Column: Let's have 'the talk' again


Sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll are popular, but not just because they’re fun. Each carries valuable social capital.