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In spring 2015, only 13 percent of UNC's graduate and undergraduate students voted to elect a student body president who would represent them on the Board of Trustees, lobby on their behalf in Raleigh, meet with administrators to make major decisions about the UNC's future and help determine how much money students would pay in tuition and fees in the next year.

The Daily Tar Heel wants to change that. This page is a hub for all student government coverage, including election news, proposed changes to the Student Code and updates from Student Congress's finance committee as it allocates student fees to organizations.

Paying attention to student government is the only way we can hold our leaders accountable. That's what we tell reporters every week as we send them off to Student Congress meetings.

Participating in government (as a voter, a candidate, an interested citizen) is a privilege, but democracy only works if people speak up. The 13 Percent is here to help you know what's up with your student government.

Student Government tackles issue of Silent Sam

On Tuesday night before a crowded room in the Carolina Union, members of  UNC’s Undergraduate Student Senate cast votes on two monumental issues facing UNC today. In a 9-1 vote, the senate voted to send a letter encouraging the removal of Silent Sam. A unanimous vote approved the decision to send a letter encouraging the protection UNC Center for Civil Rights. 

Union victory at Duke sparks momentum for UNC worker's union

“Everyone saw how the university pushed back against their campaign,” Abigail Lee said, referring to the legal battle between Duke and a collection of its Graduate students attempting to unionize. “That hasn't happened here; we hope that doesn't happen here,” she said with a smile.

Undergraduate senate passed redistricting bill

On Thursday, the Undergraduate Student Senate passed a bill that would redraw senate districting lines and discussed their plans for various initiatives they want to implement in the upcoming school year.

UNC Center for Civil Rights under threat


UNC Board of Governors will vote on whether to pass a litigation ban against the UNC Center for Civil Rights in early September. The ban would prevent the center from representing clients and acting as legal counsel to any party. 

Student Union anticipates renovations


UNC is looking into expanding the Carolina Union, which might just mean rolling out the bulldozers.

Undergraduate Student Government Senate confirms members to committees

At Wednesday’s Undergraduate Student Senate meeting, members discussed several proposed committees and how each member would fit into these committees.

Undergraduate Senate talks potential finance bill, reviewing campaigning process

Undergraduate Student Senate discussed incoming government positions and the student body presidential campaigning process at its last committee member meetings of the year.

Undergraduate Student Senate plans to increase visibility for student government


The 99th Undergraduate Student Senate met on Tuesday to discuss unfinished business of the preceding meeting, including amendments to three parts in the Student Code.

New Student Code up for debate at student government


Student government isn’t exactly starting from scratch — but the books are being rewritten. Along with the new constitution that accompanied the arrival of the Elizabeth Adkins administration, a revised Student Code is about to take hold as well.

New split constitution plans for increased governance for graduate students


With a new student government administration comes a new constitution and a new set of rules.

Election cycle shows holes in Student Code and process


Contentiousness and controversy in the student body election this spring delayed the vote for weeks — from the original date of Feb. 14 to the first vote on March 10, which was followed by a runoff election two weeks later.

Elizabeth Adkins officially sworn in as student body president


The incoming student government officers for the 2017-18 school year were inaugurated Tuesday at the Great Hall in the Student Union.

Student Congress holds public forum to improve itself


On Tuesday night, Speaker Pro-Tempore Chase McConnachie led a public forum for Student Congress members and students to discuss what happened during the 2016-17 academic year and how Student Congress could make changes to better itself.

Q&A with Student Body President-elect Elizabeth Adkins


After a prolonged election cycle, Elizabeth Adkins was declared the student body president for the 2017-18 school year on Friday. Staff writer Molly Looman spoke with Adkins, whose inauguration is set for April 4, about her plans.

Elizabeth Adkins wins student body presidential race


Elizabeth Adkins was voted the student body president for the 2017-2018 academic year on Friday night. 

Student body presidential race to continue with runoff election on Friday


Student body president elections continue with a runoff election on Friday.

UNC Student Supreme Court rejects appeal

The UNC Student Supreme Court rejected an appeal, saying the plaintiff, sophomore Will Hopping, did not provide enough evidence to show the UNC Board of Elections acted with bias. 

New student body presidential election is set for March 10

Elections for student body president will be held on March 10. 

GPSF meeting hears possibilities for future recreation center

The Graduate and Professional Student Federation met Tuesday night to vote on several constitutional amendments and hosted guest speaker Bill Goa, director of UNC Campus Recreation

Student Congress questions recordings in SBP hearings


Student Congress members questioned UNC Board of Elections chairperson Paul Kushner on Tuesday about comments he made to student body president candidate Maurice Grier when he was unknowingly being recorded over the phone.