6/11/2020 11:11pm

Babes who Blade, a popular UNC-based Facebook group, was archived on May 16, 2020, and deleted the next day.

'I've never been in a Facebook group that insane': The rise and fall of Babes Who Blade

There was the flurry of content warnings and the personal arguments playing out in the comments section, and the "outright demands" for emotional labor from people of color. There was the post about one user’s obese cat and another about being too pretty to make any friends.  Babes Who Blade, a Facebook group, started as a joke in 2017 and became an encyclopedia of advice and online discussion for its nearly 8,000 members, most of them UNC students. Eventually, it was packed with problematic posts, outrageous questions and devolved into chaos. But at the end of it all, the final blow for Babes Who Blade was one rule, one word and a few hours worth of comments.

6/7/2020 11:22pm

Protestors gather outside the Peace and Justice Plaza on Friday, June 5, 2020 to protest against police brutality after the recent deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and other Black Americans.

Demonstrators gather in Chapel Hill to honor the life of Breonna Taylor

On Friday, UNC students and community members gathered to honor the life of Breonna Taylor, a Black woman fatally shot by Louisville police officers as she slept in her apartment — one of many demonstrations that have taken place in the Triangle over the last week to protest racial injustice in America.

5/1/2020 7:11pm

Lawyer Hugh Stevens presents the DTH's argument in court on Tuesday morning.

UNC must release names of sexual assault perpetrators, NC Supreme Court rules

After a four-year fight for records of the University's sexual assault disciplinary proceedings, the North Carolina Supreme Court ruled Friday that UNC will be required to release the names of individuals found responsible for rape, sexual assault or related acts of sexual misconduct.  The DTH Media Corporation first filed the lawsuit against UNC in a coalition with three other N.C. media companies in the fall of 2016, claiming the University had violated North Carolina public records law by refusing to release the names, offenses and disciplinary actions for students or faculty found responsible for sexual misconduct. 

4/21/2020 8:41pm

A professor shares class slides on Zoom during the first day of online classes on Monday, March 23, 2020. UNC has moved to online learning for the remainder of the semester. 

‘Increasingly strenuous:’ Online petition asks BIO252 lab instructors to ease course load

A student in Biology 252L, Fundamentals of Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory, expressed their concerns about the class's rigor during this remote instruction period in an online petition which has over 180 signatures. “In general, the transition from in-person to online should not warrant this degree of difference in the difficulty of this course," the petition reads.