9/29/2020 10:21pm

Voices on the Road to Spring 2021

'Wheels are already kind of turning': UNC community reflects on spring semester plans

Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz announced the formation of the new Campus and Community Advisory Committee in a formal notice on Sept. 15.  Selected by Guskiewicz, this group of faculty, staff, students and community members will give feedback as spring reopening plans develop. Vice Chancellor of Communications Joel Curran said in a statement that the new advisory committee aims to "ensure that as many voices as possible are heard" and provide critical feedback. Some still feel that it won’t be enough to change decisions.

9/29/2020 7:46pm

DTH Photo Illustration. Professors are working to provide assistance to students during the current transition.

Students, professors use new methods to form connections through the computer screen

“For my Spanish class, my professor reached out to me last week because I forgot to take a quiz for that class,” said junior Jose Rodriguez Gomez. “He reached out to me to see if everything was fine and if I was doing okay and if I was facing hardships and that is why I forgot to take the quiz. After talking to him for a bit, he said that he would extend the quiz online for me.”

9/28/2020 9:04pm

UNC sophomore Lamar Richards, chair of the Commission on Campus Equality and Student Equity, poses for a portrait on Sunday, Sept. 27, 2020.

Student advocate Lamar Richards wants a just future for UNC students

Lamar Richards knows how to keep his hands in more than one pot, as he tackles student equity and racial injustice — all while balancing the demands of his sophomore year at UNC. Over the summer, Richards proposed a technology initiative for students in financial need during the pandemic. As chairperson of the Commission on Campus Equality and Student Equity and the finance and ethics vice-chairperson of the Undergraduate Senate, Richards also proposed fall recommendations for campus reopening. Currently, he said he is trying to establish a minority and low-income professional development initiative that will grant college students with “free study materials” for standardized tests, including the Medical College Admission Test and Law School Admission Test.