4/23/2019 6:23pm

Dr. Todd Wirt, Superintendent of Orange County Schools, sits in on a Board of Education Policy Committee meeting at the Orange County Board of Education on Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2019. Board Policy 4125 regarding school assignments and transfers was presented for a first reading approval with a second reading waiver on Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2019.

Orange County Schools superintendent to leave in June

Wirt has been the Orange County Schools superintendent since June 2015 and previously worked at the Wake County Public School System and the Mooresville Graded School District. The North Carolina Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development named him the North Carolina Outstanding Young Education in 2016. 

4/2/2019 10:25pm

DTH vaccine graphic NEWEST-01.png

How has the national vaccine discussion impacted N.C.?

"It’s important to note that the vast, vast, majority of parents do vaccinate their children because vaccines are safe and effective."  As the internet and social media grow, so does the spread of misleading information about vaccines. With a recent outbreak of chickenpox in one North Carolina school, health and school officials look to promote the positive aspects of vaccination. The hope is to reassure their safety and usefulness.