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Thursday June 8th

Mind the gap; Technology Without Borders helps with Internet access

The digital divide is one step closer to shrinking, thanks to Technology Without Borders.Last fall, TWB began a project that would bring free Internet to low-income families with students.The digital divide is an issue in today’s society, with more computers and Internet being used in classrooms and for homework, but it isn’t just an issue for the younger generation.

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Cut and Dry; Student government should work closely with UNC administration on budget cuts to preserve quality

Chancellor Holden Thorp’s recent comments on the budget climate confirm that student government’s advocacy will be equally as vital next year as it was this year.If student body presidents can meet with administrators to build massive and comprehensive platforms, then they can sit down with them again to represent students’ interests.

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The Pill: All you’d ever want to know

Happy birthday to you, oral contraception. Fifty years ago, the FDA approved the first hormonal method of birth control; it would change American society forever, allowing women to pursue higher education and join the workforce in record numbers. Oral contraception has enough of a following to pull off the nickname “The Pill.”

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Confronting the horror

The appointment of the first executive director of the N.C. Justice for Victims of Sterilization Foundation is a huge benchmark in the remediation of the damage caused by the Eugenics Board of North Carolina.The director will have the aid of $250,000 included in Gov. Bev Perdue’s first budget and appropriated by the General Assembly.

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Hands in the cookie jar

The benefit of a savings account is when you earn more than you spend, you accrue interest in the long term.Apparently, the state government needs to relearn some financial basics if it wishes to save an important source for student financial aid.

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Why compete if you can regulate?

From the top-floor conference room of the Copenhagen headquarters of ISS Group, I could see the constant Danish rain trickling down the windows. An employee was giving a presentation on their corporate strategy.

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No Prince Charming? Not a problem

Ask women around campus and you’ll hear the woes of college dating at the University. In the New York Times article “The New Math on Campus,” Alex Williams tiptoes around the edges of the truth but doesn’t get to the heart of the story because he’s not one of the girls he writes about.

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Chinese, American tensions present

“Blessings come alone; troubles come in pairs.” The Chinese are famous for their use of ancient proverbs to convey modern sentiments, and we believe that this one is especially pertinent to U.S.-China relations today. Indeed, recent troubles between the two powers lend credence to the notion of “one step forward, two steps back.”

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