7/11/2017 10:02pm

North Carolina's historic tobacco industry still carries modern influence.

Tobacco, an industry "addicted to its profits"

Tobacco companies don’t necessarily have the same influence they did decades ago in the North Carolina, but they still have an important voice in legislation and contribute hundreds of thousands of dollars to political campaigns, aiding politicians into office and continuing their cycle of influence in public health policy.

6/27/2017 8:29pm

Alex Stayer-Brewington has worked in numerous congregations throughout the Triangle and is a political activist. 

Q&A with UNC pastor Alex Stayer-Brewington

Alex Stayer-Brewington, a Presbyterian hospital chaplain and former pastor at Bethlehem Presbyterian Church in Saxapahaw, North Carolina, is a liberal Christian who is involved in political activism. Staff writer Sophia Wilhelm asked Stayer-Brewington, a 2009 UNC graduate, about his opinions on current politics and religion in North Carolina.

6/27/2017 8:14pm

NC struggles with gerrymandering

The makeup of the NC General Assembly is a bit odd on the surface given North Carolina is considered by many to be a swing state. But from a historical lens, the difference between North Carolina’s local representatives and its national stances are nothing new.

6/8/2017 10:47pm

Chapel Hill Public Library

UNC state libraries awarded federal grants

Kristin Cooper, the first lady of NC, announced Thursday morning that the Chapel Hill Public Library and UNC were Library Services and Technology Act grant awardees recipients, along with 37 others.

6/7/2017 10:04pm

NC Attorney General Joshua Stein addressed the state's opioid epidemic at a public health conference on Wednesday.

Steins address opioid epidemic in NC

NC Attorney General Joshua Stein addressed the opioid epidemic in North Carolina at Wednesday's North Carolina Local Health Director’s Conference, held at the UNC School of Government.

6/3/2017 10:26am

NC House preserves law school funding

The NC House of Representatives took out a spending proposed by the Senate cut to slash UNC’s Law School’s funding by 30 percent. However, the North Carolina General Assembly budget is not finalized.

5/17/2017 10:03pm

Supreme Court Struck Down NC Voter ID Law Appeal

The U.S. Supreme Court Monday denied N.C. Republican legislators' appeal to review the 2013 voter ID law. The ruling the lower court made last summer, which struck down the law because it disproportionately affected African Americans’ ability to vote in the state, will stand.

5/16/2017 11:29pm

A UNC student holds three sexual education pamphlets in front of the Old Well in the Upper Quad on Tuesday.

Little time spent on sex ed in NC classes

North Carolina is one of just 18 states that require public schools to teach information about contraception — and one of only 13 states that require that information taught about STIs and sex to be factually accurate. 

4/21/2017 1:01am

Khzir Khan, father of a Muslim American soldier and speaker at the Democratic National Convention spoke at Duke University Thursday about his experience in the election cycle.

Khizr Khan visits Duke's campus

Inclusive globalism and a strong faith in personal values provided by equal protection and equal liberty — this is what Khizr Khan encouraged at a lecture at Duke University on Thursday.