2/19/2020 8:15pm

William Sturkey, an assistant history professor at UNC, gives a talk about the history of race at UNC and the University's failures to reconcile it. The talk was at Chapel Hill Public Library on Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2020.

'What an incredible injustice': UNC criticized for handling of racist past

The subject of Tuesday's “Conversations on Equity” lecture on equity and race relations quickly turned to the complicated history of race relations at UNC. Many in attendance expressed their disappointment in the University and its failure to confront its troubled past. William Sturkey, an assistant history professor at UNC, was the featured speaker at the meeting. He specializes in the history of race in the American South and teaches courses about southern history and the Civil Rights Movement.

2/18/2020 11:05pm

DTH Photo Illustration. President Trump signed Executive Order 13856 on Thursday, March 21, 2019 allowing the government to withhold research funding from colleges and universities that fail to protect free speech. Trump emphasized this measure as being for those "challenging rigid, far-left ideology."

Free expression survey found UNC students are self-censoring their beliefs in class

A recent report conducted by political science professor Timothy Ryan, English and comparative literature professor Jennifer Larson and business professor Mark McNeilly, studied free expression and constructive dialogue at UNC. The report had many findings — one being that a significant undergraduate students across the political spectrum self-censor in class.  The study also looked at social media, with a question about whether students were concerned someone would post critical comments about them on social media if they stated their sincere political views. Junior Ali Montavon, co-president of UNC Young Independents, said social media is something "changes the game" for politics on campus. 

2/18/2020 7:38pm

Letter: Guskiewicz speaks on climate action

"I am glad to see our students so engaged with this important topic — cross campus collaboration of ideas and commitment is a key part of the pledge we uphold. I stand with you in committing to a healthier campus, community and world."