Although it seems there is a different holiday being celebrated every day, there are only 10 national holidays recognized by the United States federal government. Holly McGuire, a senior editor at Chase’s Calendar of Events, said it is more accurate to refer to these celebrations as national days.

In 1958, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce gave Chase's the authority to register national holidays. Chase's is an almanac for information like holidays, special events and historical anniversaries, and anyone can submit a suggestion for a national day.

McGuire said there are not strict criteria in order to establish a national day with Chase’s, but there are several aspects the company looks for.

It is important that the person suggesting the holiday has a plan, has demonstrated commitment and has a reason for establishing the day, she said. For example, if it is a medical day, Chase's prefers that the appropriate nonprofit organization sponsor or be in support of it.

Officer Pete McEwen works night shifts at the Chapel Hill Police Department. 

Midnight lunches and Chapel Hill's third shift

When Jessica Toney texts her boyfriend during her "lunch break," he's often going to sleep.  Toney, a UNC senior who works midnight shifts in a lab at the UNC Medical Center every other weekend, has her routine down to a science. After a full day of classes, she eats a large bowl of pasta and takes a nap for five hours before heading into work.   “I'm suddenly left alone in the world,” she said. “Everyone's asleep or getting back from their parties and I'm still going strong at work — sometimes I just post to my Snapchat story just to feel like I'm not alone, even though I know none of them will see it until the morning.”

Guard Joel Berry II (2) raises his fist to start an offensive possession against Bucknell on Nov. 15 in the Smith Center.

Teammates chip in as Berry returns against Bucknell

On his first shot, everything seemed back to normal for Joel Berry II. One minute and 39 seconds into the No. 9 North Carolina men’s basketball team’s 93-81 win over Bucknell, Berry caught a swing pass from Theo Pinson and fired off his first shot since being named the Final Four Most Outstanding Player in Glendale, Ariz., in early April. Nothing but net. But Berry’s first made field goal since April would also be his last of the night. The senior guard shot just 1-11 from the field, tallying only eight points as he made his first appearance of the season after missing the Tar Heels’ (2-0) season opener against Northern Iowa due to a broken right hand.

UNC students walk pass Top Of The Hill restaurant and brewery in Chapel Hill Monday night.  

Fake IDs, real consequences

An underage student stands in line outside a popular bar on Franklin Street and gives their fake ID to a bouncer. After looking at it for a moment, the bouncer passes it back — not to the student, but to an undercover alcohol law enforcement officer behind him. The student is ticketed immediately.