Topics: Faculty and Administration

UNC's faculty members and administrators work for various departments and professional schools within the University.

Faculty retention has been a concern at UNC in years past due to budget cuts and salary freezes. A third of University faculty who received job offers from other top research universities chose to remain at UNC, down from 69 percent from the previous year.

Gay faculty at UNC receive health care for spouses

UNC employees can now begin enrolling same-sex spouses in the State Health Plan.

Summer Writing Group Program will provide support to faculty during summer months

Summer is different for everyone. For some, it is a time to relax after the stressful academic year. For others, it is a time to travel abroad and experience the world. 

Course evaluations slammed as ineffective

The end of each semester brings students a deluge of emails requesting their input on classes — and some professors at UNC and beyond are questioning the best methods for those evaluations.

UNC’s head of admissions Stephen Farmer focuses on opportunity


UNC has long focused on the number of college-level courses high school students take during the admissions process. The University is now giving course loads less weight.

UNC sees $15 million more in research

Research has come under attack at UNC — with the school’s 80 centers and institutes battling huge budget cuts — but faculty and staff are still bringing in the dollars.

Non-tenured faculty hope for better working conditions


To students, the professor towering at the front of a UNC classroom might represent the pinnacle of academia: a wealth of scholarly achievements, dozens of published journal articles, a high salary.

Faculty website modernized to encourage mentoring

In August, the UNC Center for Faculty Excellence in August unveiled their new web site, created by the Chapel Hill-based advertising firm Rivers Agency.

Faculty online Title IX training expected to go live in a few days

As the national conversation about sexual assault on college campuses continues, Provost Jim Dean told faculty Monday that their newly-required online Title IX training will go live in a few days. 

Faculty Council talks athlete graduation rates

During the first Faculty Council meeting of the academic year, the Faculty Athletics Committee presented its annual report, opening up discussion about the student-athlete graduation rate and the record number of UNC student-athletes on the ACC Honor Roll. 

UNC professor Bill Gentry spent 30 years responding to disasters


When it comes to disaster preparation, Bill Gentry knows what he’s doing.

ITS unsure of what caused Sakai issues

Students and faculty who wanted to use Sakai Thursday had about a 50-50 chance of success.

Faculty Athletics Committee examines changing landscape


Cunningham updated the Faculty Athletics Committee on important litigation and changes to the governance of college athletics in the committee’s first meeting of the academic year.

Finance, HR system redesign costs $87 million

The new ConnectCarolina system, which will impact faculty and staff, was neither a simple nor a cheap endeavor.

Advisers want more of a dialogue with Carol Folt


UNC faculty members said they want better communication between them and Chancellor Carol Folt in the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee’s first independent meeting of the year Monday.

Former UNC professor John Briscoe awarded for water work


Former UNC professor John Briscoe received the Stockholm Water Prize, known informally as the “Nobel Prize of water,” earlier this year for his dedication to working on global water policies.

Hiring rates high, retention rates low for minorities


As a young black woman, senior Danielle Moore wishes she had had at least one black faculty member teach a class for her biology major. 

UNC Honor System informs with food

The list of what Student Congress cannot pay for is short: no firearms, no T-shirts, no lobbying and no food.

UNC's new policy explains sanctions for sexual assault


UNC students have never been told what “yes” is.

Professor to lead sustainable water project with $2.2 million fund

Professor Gregory Characklis will lead a sustainable water project after receiving a $2.2 million grant from the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. 

UNC-system faculty workloads data draws criticism

A recent report from the Pope Center that accuses UNC-system schools of inflating faculty workloads has drawn criticism from system administrators.