Faculty and Administration


Some faculty call for more transparency

Everyone on campus seems to be looking to Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Jim Dean to guide UNC through the latest athletic debacle — even the gym attendant he says offered him a towel and some advice Monday morning.

UNC faculty meet to discuss honor code changes

UNC’s faculty is still working to implement honor code changes which would limit the work students could submit as well help them erase academic integrity violations on their transcripts.

UNC's social science faculty ranked last in media engagement

A study released last week that measured university social science faculty’s engagement with the media ranked UNC last out of the 94 research universities surveyed.

New study favors fixed-term faculty

According to a recent study by Northwestern University, non-tenured faculty members might be better teachers than professors with tenure.

More professors lured away from UNC

As universities across the country continue to recover from the 2008 economic downturn, many administrators are prioritizing investments in faculty recruitment and retention.

Some at UNC question Obama law school plan

President Barack Obama has suggested a new idea to help combat the high costs of law school tuition — but some in the UNC School of Law remain unconvinced.

Professors see potential in engaging, large lectures


A Ph.D. and a battery-operated microphone are the only weapons Jeannie Loeb has when facing the 300-plus students in Psychology 101.

UNC health affairs moves away from dependence on tenured faculty

The University is increasingly relying on and hiring fixed-term rather than tenure-track faculty — particularly in health affairs.

Faculty executive committee considers UNC's online education

Faculty members are up in the air about UNC’s future in online learning.

Solid step to creating bond

In an effort to create a bond between academics and athletics, the University’s athletic teams have now been assigned a member of the Faculty Athletics Committee to assist student athletes with academic advising.

Faculty critique ?ve-year plan

As the UNC system’s five-year plan comes to an end and a new one is in the works, the University’s Faculty Executive Committee expressed concerns about possible changes to the plan.

Faculty to Thorp: Don't quit now


The University’s faculty is tired of watching Chancellor Holden Thorp take punches.

UNC biology professor Alan Jones creates kids’ coloring book


Coloring is a popular pastime among children, from filling in pictures of zoo animals to Disney princesses.

UNC faculty discuss preventing scandal

Administrators have said they want to do everything they can to prevent another academic scandal.

UNC faculty council backs Chancellor Thorp

At the first meeting of the Faculty Council today, members are standing in support of Chancellor Holden Thorp.

UNC professor dies in car crash in Peru


Some UNC alumni leave the school and never look back. Lee Dirks never stopped returning.

UNC Faculty Athletics Committee strives to be ‘a bond rather than a bridge’ between athletics and academics

In the wake of recent NCAA sanctions and widespread criticism of the UNC athletic department, University administrators are striving to turn over a new leaf.

Coaches may receive pay hike


While broadcast rights have proven lucrative for UNC’s athletic department, its coaches’ salaries are soaking up much of that revenue.
This year’s proposed athletic budget expects $75.4 million in revenue and calls for $75.2 million in spending, with both categories climbing by $2.7 million from last year.

State can't fund distinguished professors due to insufficient funds

Professors hoping to add the word “distinguished” before their title at UNC might have to wait a while.
The N.C. General Assembly created the Distinguished Professors Endowment Trust Fund in 1985, promising to give $1 for every $2 privately donated towards a professorship.

UNC experiences slight increase to state faculty retention fund

The financially strapped state legislature has given a small boost to a nearly depleted faculty retention fund — but some administrators say it’s still not enough to keep top faculty.