Topics: Faculty and Administration

UNC's faculty members and administrators work for various departments and professional schools within the University.

Faculty retention has been a concern at UNC in years past due to budget cuts and salary freezes. A third of University faculty who received job offers from other top research universities chose to remain at UNC, down from 69 percent from the previous year.

Q&A with UNC professor Gerald Cecil


On Friday, six participants of a NASA-funded isolation study entered a dome enclosure, where they will live together as part of a psychological experiment about group cohesion.

UNC research vice chancellor steps down


After five years as vice chancellor for research, Barbara Entwisle has decided to step down from the position.

Interactive classrooms keep students' attention

Greenlaw 101 was renovated to become the University’s first interactive lecture hall.

Married green thumbs nurture a legacy in the soil


Jim Allen came to Chapel Hill in 1968 to join the Carolina Population Center.

UNC faculty release new board game


From watching movies like “Bambi” and “The Fox and the Hound” to reading books of the same genre, Marshall Miller had always enjoyed animal fiction.

Laptop use required in certain UNC classes, forbidden in others

As students begin the new semester, they may see a divide among their professors.

UNC administrators working to change signs policy


After geography professor Altha Cravey was asked to take down a “Hurston Hall” sign in her office in the newly renamed Carolina Hall Friday due to a strict policy regarding signs, administrators are examining that policy.

Geography professor tells police she won't remove "Hurston Hall" sign


Geography professor Altha Cravey said she was shocked to see police outside her office in Carolina Hall this morning.

Former chancellor William B. Aycock dies at 99


Former chancellor and retired law professor William B. Aycock, who would have turned 100 in October, has died.

Aerospace department chairman killed in car accident

Lt. Col. John Wade Collins, chairman of the Department of Aerospace Studies and commander of the Air Force ROTC, died in a car accident Monday morning. 

Faculty Executive Committee proposes new athletics task force

The Faculty Executive Committee discussed the formation of another group tasked with examining the University’s athletic program at its meeting Monday.

Faculty Council wraps up 2014-2015

UNC's turbulent year was on the minds of many at the final Faculty Council meeting of the academic year Friday.

Filling top in administration spots costs UNC $840K


If anyone should be happy about chancellors quitting after just years on the job, it’s William Funk.

Campaign to win better pay for adjunct faculty gains steam in NC


North Carolina college students will soon finish up the spring semester and leave campus for internships, study abroad and beach vacations. One of their professors, John Steen, will be grading his final exams — and then moving into his parents’ basement.

Pharmacy professor Lee dedicated to research

At a research-based university like UNC, professors who conduct and publish their research are not uncommon.

Adjunct faculty push for fair pay


There are the familiar faces of the worker’s rights movement: fast-food workers, health care workers, farmers. And there are the unexpected ones: university professors.

Bobbi Owen still under disciplinary review


Bobbi Owen said she wants to be known as a professor of dramatic art.

Faculty Executive Committee reviews proposals for athlete education

Faculty Executive Committee members discussed new specialized education proposals for UNC athletes when they met Monday.

Brian Hogan wins Carolina Chiron Award

References to a broken scooter and a bag of shattered light bulbs were key parts of the lecture that Brian Hogan gave to a mix of students and faculty in Gerrard Hall on Wednesday. 

UNC system, legislature often find themselves at odds

The road between University administrators in South Building and legislators in downtown Raleigh is the same as it’s always been — even if in recent years the two seem farther apart on issues related to UNC-Chapel Hill.