Topics: Faculty and Administration

UNC's faculty members and administrators work for various departments and professional schools within the University.

Faculty retention has been a concern at UNC in years past due to budget cuts and salary freezes. A third of University faculty who received job offers from other top research universities chose to remain at UNC, down from 69 percent from the previous year.

UNC professor given Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Aziz Sancar, a UNC biochemistry and biophysics professor and researcher, earned the Nobel Prize in chemistry Wednesday morning.

New dean candidate emphasizes diversity


For O.J. McGhee, hearing that there was still room for the University to grow diversity-wise rang especially true.

First Amendment Day keynote addresses online harassment


When Danielle Citron first shared her ideas about regulating online cyberbullying and harassment years ago, she was told she was going to break the internet.

Scandal reforms introduce syllabus requirements

When information about an academic scandal lasting nearly two decades started surfacing in 2010, the University began making changes. One reform was new, specific requirements for course syllabuses.

UNC faculty addresses Student Stores privatization

The Faculty Executive Committee wants the University to ensure the wishes of UNC Student Stores’ employees are honored if the privatization moves forward.

Faculty Council says new athletics committee will have Faculty Athletics ties

Friday’s Faculty Council meeting ended with applause for the unanimous approval of a resolution supporting academic freedom and English professor Neel Ahuja, whose “Literature of 9/11” first-year seminar was criticized by conservatives earlier in September.

Q&A with education professor Keith Sawyer on creativity


UNC professor of education Keith Sawyer has published 14 books and more than 80 scientific articles on creativity, psychology and more.

Carolina Tasting Salon contemplates hard questions: white girls and pumpkins


At the Carolina Tasting Salon on Thursday, American Studies Professor Elizabeth Engelhardt tried to explain the relationship between white girls and pumpkins.

UNC professor Jennifer Ho will discuss Asian American identity at Bull’s Head Bookshop

For Jennifer Ho, associate professor of English and comparative literature, being Chinese-Jamaican-American has always been a part of her identity. 

Pope forgives abortions during holy year

Pope Francis has announced an arbitrary Holy Year and granted priests worldwide the authority to absolve sins of abortion — but many U.S. and Canadian Catholic churches already maintain the practice.

UNC announces five candidates for dean of College of Arts and Sciences

In November 2014, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Karen Gil announced she would be leaving her post to return to teaching psychology.

Q&A with UNC professor Gerald Cecil


On Friday, six participants of a NASA-funded isolation study entered a dome enclosure, where they will live together as part of a psychological experiment about group cohesion.

UNC research vice chancellor steps down


After five years as vice chancellor for research, Barbara Entwisle has decided to step down from the position.

Interactive classrooms keep students' attention

Greenlaw 101 was renovated to become the University’s first interactive lecture hall.

Married green thumbs nurture a legacy in the soil


Jim Allen came to Chapel Hill in 1968 to join the Carolina Population Center.

UNC faculty release new board game


From watching movies like “Bambi” and “The Fox and the Hound” to reading books of the same genre, Marshall Miller had always enjoyed animal fiction.

Laptop use required in certain UNC classes, forbidden in others

As students begin the new semester, they may see a divide among their professors.

UNC administrators working to change signs policy


After geography professor Altha Cravey was asked to take down a “Hurston Hall” sign in her office in the newly renamed Carolina Hall Friday due to a strict policy regarding signs, administrators are examining that policy.

Geography professor tells police she won't remove "Hurston Hall" sign


Geography professor Altha Cravey said she was shocked to see police outside her office in Carolina Hall this morning.

Former chancellor William B. Aycock dies at 99


Former chancellor and retired law professor William B. Aycock, who would have turned 100 in October, has died.