Topics: Faculty and Administration

UNC's faculty members and administrators work for various departments and professional schools within the University.

Faculty retention has been a concern at UNC in years past due to budget cuts and salary freezes. A third of University faculty who received job offers from other top research universities chose to remain at UNC, down from 69 percent from the previous year.

Lecture on socialism held by UNC professor

As Barry Maguire, a core faculty member of UNC’s Philosophy, Politics and Economics program, explained socialism, Maggie, his large dog, looked upon him and the small piece of cheese in his hand with wonderment.

“He doesn’t know what kind of dog she is,” Kerry Foerst, a philosophy and economics double major and pupil of Maguire’s, explained.

Genetics chairperson appointed vice chancellor for research

On Tuesday, Chancellor Carol Folt announced that UNC’s next vice chancellor for research will be Terry Magnuson, chairperson of the department of genetics.

Computer science class gets modern twist


Kris Jordan’s revolutionary Comp 110 has exploded since its debut in fall 2015.

UNC's favorite crossing guard gets recognition on Facebook


“Hold on one second!”

Q&A with Raleigh Magazine editor-in-chief Christa Gala


Christa Gala is both an adjunct professor in the UNC School of Media and Journalism and the editor-in-chief for Raleigh Magazine. Staff writer Leah Moore spoke with Gala about what it’s like to balance the two, who works for her, her areas of expertise and with whom she’d love to grab dinner

Gerhardts: 2 lawfully wedded scholars


Most married couples don’t get the opportunity to work closely with each other, unless they are Jim and Pam from “The Office.” Michael and Deborah Gerhardt are an exception. 

Faculty Executive Committee discusses how to increase faculty diversity

At Monday's Faculty Executive Committee meeting, members raised questions about the role of diversity in more than just the student body.

Q&A with UNC doctoral candidate, new author Lindsay Starck


Tonight, UNC doctoral candidate Lindsay Starck will be at Flyleaf Books celebrating the launch of her debut novel, "Noah’s Wife." Staff writer Cate Alspaugh spoke with Starck about her writing process, inspirational Noah’s Ark baby showers and advice for young writers.

Q&A with photography author Tony Reevy

The Daily Tar Heel: What inspired you to write about Jack Delano and his photography?

Tony Reevy: I discovered his photography about eight years ago when I was writing an article on a photographer, who is much better known, Walker Evans.

Former UNC law student gains fan base after starring in Netflix’s 'Making a Murderer'


If UNC’s School of Law creates a course on how to deal with being an internet sensation, Jerry Buting might be the perfect professor. The UNC law class of 1981 graduate defended Steven Avery in the Netflix series “Making a Murderer.”

Ferrell says farewell after 50 years at UNC

Joe Ferrell’s lifelong career began with a single booze-filled night as an undergraduate at UNC. He overslept for the MCAT the following morning and resigned to take the LSAT instead.

Radio show highlights issues facing social science research


From human trafficking to campus sexual assault to Chapel Hill transportation issues, WNCU’s radio show, “The Measure of Everyday Life,” tackles the important issues facing social science research.

Gender Violence Prevention Task Force talks faculty social norms

On Wednesday, about 20 faculty, staff and students sat in the Carolina Union's upper level to discuss recommendations for the Gender Violence Prevention Task Force's report, but the conversation turned to discussing norms and problems faculty members encounter.

Faculty discuss resolutions and solutions to support student athletes


Time was of the essence at a Faculty Athletic Committee meeting on Tuesday, as members discussed a resolution that will be voted on at the NCAA Annual Convention on Friday.

Protestors at Board of Governors meeting demand Spellings' dismissal


The UNC-system Board of Governors were met with a crowd of students, faculty and community members this morning calling for the dismissal of President-elect Margaret Spellings.

Preparation for teaching assistants varies across departments

Often the pressure put on undergraduate students to navigate academia can be influenced by the interactions between the student and the teacher — and student evaluations, which fill students' inboxes at the end of the semester, can help.

Many students at UNC encounter course sections taught by a teaching assistant instead of a professor.

Year in Review: Dean search ends with Guskiewicz

After a nearly 11-month process, UNC announced Kevin Guskiewicz as the next dean of the College of Arts and Sciences in October.

Q&A with Matthew Andrews, sports and American history professor

Matthew Andrews is a UNC sports historian who studies the links between athletics and American culture and history. He earned his doctorate from Chapel Hill in 2009 and currently serves as an advisor and lecturer for the Department of History.

NC medical examiners search for the answers to the questions death leaves behind


Dr. Kim Janssen doesn’t do scary movies. She hates watching bad things happen and can’t stand to see someone suffer.

Letter: UNC admin did not handle protest well


The fact that a UNC student group interrupted last Thursday night’s town hall meeting to list some absurd demands (with a few reasonable ones mixed in) and then immediately left the meeting to hold its own press conference outside clearly illustrates how people, especially today’s university students, can be unwilling to hear other opinions, thus entrenching themselves further in their own beliefs and thoughts.