Davis Library

Davis Library was built in 1983 and opened in February 1984. It was named for Walter Royal Davis, who served on the Board of Trustees from 1972-1980 and lobbied for money for the library’s construction. The 422,659 square foot building cost $20.3 million.

The eight-floor building, which serves as the central library for UNC’s campus, includes space for 1.8 million books and seating around the outside of the library for 3,013. It is one of the largest academic libraries in the United States. Renovations to the roof of the building were completed in late 2010.

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Opinion: Don't stop reading after college

Being literate can be defined two ways. Of course, being able to read is the basic definition of literacy. But literate also means having a knowledge or understanding of the readings and writings associated with a topic.

Alarms go off in Davis Library, but no fire

A fire alarm went off around noon on Monday at Davis Library. Department of Public Safety spokesperson Randy Young said the Chapel Hill Fire Department was investigating after the alarm went off on the second floor.

The Undergraduate Library is currently under construction. 

Library survival tips from an under-qualified expert

The library. The black hole-esque building that seemingly sucks all life out of its occupants and conjures up images of long nights spent slaving over that paper you put off until the last minute or that exam which you’ve just realized you know absolutely nothing about. 

Opinion: CCI should update campus when printers crash

You walk into Davis Library and immediately spot a long line at the printer. After waiting a few minutes, you hear a librarian say that the entire Carolina Computing Initiative Printing system is down — this would be inconvenient for some, but for those who have papers due in 5 minutes, this could be ruinous for a grade.