Topics: Davis Library

Davis Library was built in 1983 and opened in February 1984. It was named for Walter Royal Davis, who served on the Board of Trustees from 1972-1980 and lobbied for money for the library’s construction. The 422,659 square foot building cost $20.3 million.

The eight-floor building, which serves as the central library for UNC’s campus, includes space for 1.8 million books and seating around the outside of the library for 3,013. It is one of the largest academic libraries in the United States. Renovations to the roof of the building were completed in late 2010.

New treadmills in Davis allow students to exercise while they study


 Students no longer have to choose between exercising and studying thanks to the new treadmill desks in Davis, which allow students to study or work on homework while walking at a steady 1 – 2 miles per hour.  

Tradition or terror? Naked students have run through UNC libraries for more than 40 years


It was just a couple minutes past midnight on May 1, 2017 -- the night before the first day of finals and 13 days before graduation-- when the rumbling started.

Fondling reported in Davis Library

Campus police are currently investigating an incident of a male fondling a female without consent.

Exhibit at Davis Library promotes voices of Latinx farmworkers in the South

Students studying in Davis Library recently may have noticed a new array of photographs and writings adorning the first floor’s exhibition space.

Opinion: Don't stop reading after college

Being literate can be defined two ways. Of course, being able to read is the basic definition of literacy. But literate also means having a knowledge or understanding of the readings and writings associated with a topic.

Edible Campus initiative plans for more growth in spring


A demonstration garden, student internships and academic course collaborations are just a few of the Edible Campus plans for this spring semester.

King of the hill (study edition): Davis Library


To set the scene: It’s a towering building overlooking the Pit, Lenoir Dining Hall, the Frank Porter Graham Student Union and the Quad — all of the important UNC landmarks.

UNC us updating its fire alarm systems across campus


UNC is currently working to replace the fire alarm systems in Davis Library, George Watts Hill Alumni Center, Hamilton Hall and the Ackland Art Museum. Replacing all the alarms will cost between $500,000 and $550,000.

Old sensors in Davis Library caused Monday's fire alarm

When fire alarms went off in Davis Library Monday, nothing was on fire. Older fire alarm panels in Davis caused the alarm — and they cause others.

Alarms go off in Davis Library, but no fire

A fire alarm went off around noon on Monday at Davis Library.

Department of Public Safety spokesperson Randy Young said the Chapel Hill Fire Department was investigating after the alarm went off on the second floor.

Library survival tips from an under-qualified expert


The library. The black hole-esque building that seemingly sucks all life out of its occupants and conjures up images of long nights spent slaving over that paper you put off until the last minute or that exam which you’ve just realized you know absolutely nothing about. 

Library employees are excited about Davis Library's new main desk

While Judy Panitch, director of library communications, and Joe Williams, director of public services for UNC libraries, were delighted to see the old Davis Library desk go, many students haven’t seemed to notice. 

Q&A with Davis Library spokesperson Judy Panitch on Front Desk Renovations


Davis Library began a renovation on its decades-old main service desk over winter break. Library spokesperson Judy Panitch spoke to staff writer Cailyn Derickson about the library’s history, the construction process and the reasons behind the change.

Shedding clothes, inhibitions and stress in Davis Library

Some with masks and some without, the Davis Library finals streakers are an exam-week staple, running down the floors of Davis Library and then across to the Undergraduate Library.

Opinion: CCI should update campus when printers crash

You walk into Davis Library and immediately spot a long line at the printer. After waiting a few minutes, you hear a librarian say that the entire Carolina Computing Initiative Printing system is down — this would be inconvenient for some, but for those who have papers due in 5 minutes, this could be ruinous for a grade.

3-D printers available for free

The UNC research hubs, located in Davis Library, the Health Sciences Library and the Kenan Science Library, provide a more innovative way to do research. 

UNC libraries to open three research hubs

After months of renovations, the second floor of Davis Library is open for research.

Concern escalates over students trapped in elevators


The elevator dropped nearly half a floor before halting abruptly.

Drill tests emergency response

The University held hostages in Davis Library Wednesday. The situation was simulated — part of a larger effort to help increase security on campus. But the drill presented an opportunity for students, faculty and officials to learn how to respond to a potential campus crisis.

Summer months set stage for campus construction


With students away from campus, the summer months leave campus open to new residents — construction workers.