The UNC Faculty Executive Committee discussed the conflict surrounding Silent Sam and possible resolutions on Monday. 

Faculty Executive Committee discuss Silent Sam solutions

Silent Sam dominated the conversation at the Faculty Executive Committee Meeting Monday afternoon, with some members calling on Chancellor Carol Folt to make a stronger statement and condemn the University’s controversial past.  

Silent Sam Monument

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First-year, first day, first protest

First-year Alex Green decided to go to the rally at Silent Sam on his first day of classes. He wasn’t sure what to expect until he ended up in the middle of the crowd with the megaphone, and realized most people by the statue didn’t agree with him. 

Police officers gather around Silent Sam.

Legal issues complicate Silent Sam's removal

  Silent Sam remains standing in McCorkle Place despite calls from leaders — including Gov. Roy Cooper — across the state for its removal. The Heritage Protection Act of 2015 has complicated efforts to remove the Confederate monument, which leaves the monument's fate in legal limbo.

UNC student Psalms White speaks at a rally in front of Silent Sam.

Watch our live coverage of the Silent Sam protest

UNC's first day of class has ended with a protest in front of Silent Sam. While university officials have known about a planned rally since Monday, the cause behind the rally was unclear in a message to the campus community. 

A campus police officer reads a sign that was removed from the Silent Sam statue on UNC's campus, on August 20, 2017.

Campus, town police review options

 Following the attack in Charlottesville, the Chapel Hill Police Department is using experience from other communities and past events to prepare for potential conflict.