Topics: The Clery Act

The Clery Act requires colleges to disclose information about crimes on and around campus. 

The act is tied to federal financial aid and applies to most schools, both public and private. The law requires universities to publish an annual security report, publish a public crime log and disclose crime statistics for incidents occurring within their specified region. It also makes schools publish timely warnings about Clery Act crimes. 

Crimes covered under the Clery Act include homicide, burglary, sexual violence, hate crimes and aggravated assault, among others. For more information on the Clery Act, check here.

Ed Purchase keeps track of major crimes on campus


UNC, still in the midst of three federal investigations for charges of mishandling sexual assault reports and statistics, now has a man dedicated to getting them right.

On-campus drinking citations rise

The number of on-campus underage drinking citations at UNC increased by 88 percent between 2012 and 2013 — reaching 691, according to data released in the 2014 Annual Campus Security Report.

UNC releases violence, stalking statistics required by Violence Against Women Act

For the first time ever, college campuses across the country have begun to record instances of stalking, dating violence and domestic violence.