4/24/2018 1:11am

Art students outside of South Building take turns speaking out against Chancellor Folt and the condition of Hanes Art Center on Monday. 

Folt Revolt protestors claim that Arts Everywhere initiative is not enough

“This is not about feelings. It is about the spotlight on Arts Everywhere, a hollow platitude that gives the school a façade of interest in the arts with zero actual commitment to this department," said studio art graduate student John DeKemper.  In an attempt to draw attention to the lack of funding for the UNC Department of Art, dozens of UNC students protested Monday afternoon in what they called the Carol Folt Revolt.

3/4/2018 8:34pm

Photo by Alex Kormann

A decade since Eve Carson's death, UNC community reflects on campus safety

Ten years after the death of former UNC student Eve Carson, University officials and campus organizations are still working to make the Carolina community safer. Victoria Collins, the assistant director of public relations and outreach for SafeWalk, has recently been pushing to increase publicity for the safety program.