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Thursday May 26th


Founding Clef Hangers come home

Tom Terrell was one of the founding members to don the now famous Clef Hangers’ bow tie, vest and the very first button. 35 years later he still has that button and he’s back to emcee the Clef’s spring concert this Saturday night in Carmichael Arena.

Graduation portraits venture away from the Well

It’s not every day someone in a Carolina blue graduation cap and gown walks into the Student Recreation Center to take a zumba class. But that’s what Korde Tuttle, a senior graduating this May, did last week — to take his official graduation portraits. Tuttle arranged to get his graduation photo-shoot from 2009 UNC graduate Ryan Jones and his company, Rytography, which specializes in taking graduation portraits at unconventional places that have epitomized the subject’s duration at UNC. Jones’ project, #locationUNC, encourages graduates to break out of the traditional route of taking portraits at the Old Well and instead choose a location that caters to each individual’s unique journey at UNC rather than a place that generically symbolizes all UNC students.

Some students will spend spring break in class

While many view spring break as a time away from class, some students see it as a time to dig deeper into their field of study. Multiple courses at UNC contain a travel component over school breaks that allow students and instructors the opportunity to take a more hands-on approach to education. Professor Richard Cole’s JOMC 447: “Mass Communication in Mexico” leaves Friday morning for Mexico City to attend lectures from various journalists at three separate universities in the city, a tour of the Mexican newspaper Reforma and a tour of Televisa, which is the second largest mass media company in Latin America.

UNC vs. Duke: A money-making rivalry

Apparently, rivalries affect wallets as well as school spirit. Organizations that sell anti-Duke merchandise have seen significant increases in sales as the Tar Heels prepares to play the Blue Devils in basketball this Saturday. T-shirts with slightly offensive slogans like the Thrill City’s “we grew here, you flew here,” and Carolina Athletic Association’s “we’re better” have been selling in large amounts. Thrill City sold out of their shirts soon after their release.

Project Bucket: 5 friends take on the UNC Bucket List

Five friends. One hundred adventures. Four years. Starting before winter break, high school friends Patrick Hahn, Bryce Edwards, Joe Townsend and twins Faustina and Teresa Nguyen set out to complete the entire UNC Bucket List, discovering new interests and tastes along the way. When the freshmen first arrived on campus, they found that they weren’t as involved as they might have hoped. “The campus was one of the things that brought me here in the first place,” Townsend said. “There’s so much to do here, and when you get here as freshmen, you don’t even know where to start.” The list afforded a chance for the group to discover the perks and traditions of UNC that they wouldn’t have otherwise known about. “There’s so much more to UNC than just studying, going to class and eating,” Faustina Nguyen said. “A good half of the list is about eating, though,” Townsend added. Apart from a frustrating experience with a Daily Tar Heel crossword (#25), the group has enjoyed the 11 items they’ve completed so far. The group has discovered an affinity for Time Out’s chicken-cheddar biscuits (#7) and racquetball (#53) as a result of their efforts. Even some of the more mundane items have been entertaining for the group. Instead of simply checking out eight books from Davis (#73), each member had one minute to scramble around each floor in search of the best title, pulling some intriguing works like The Hippie Dictionary, Law and Sexuality in Canada, and Dismembering the Male. The fruits of the list extended beyond UNC’s campus, as the list demands trips to Carrboro (#21, #31), Asheville (#69), Wilmington (#70), Raleigh (#77) and the North Carolina State fair (#54). “It really is the Carolina experience, not just UNC,” Edwards said. Townsend, an avid videographer, films each of the items. Videos of six of the 11 items have been posted to the group’s YouTube page, projectbucketUNC.

UNC does the Harlem Shake

Around noon on Friday, the Pit was crowded as always — except this time, there were hundreds of students clad in wild costumes.

UNC gets head from Duke

Things got medieval Wednesday when the head of the Duke Blue Devils mascot was found on a makeshift pike on top of Student Stores.

Love is Priceless at UNC

As Feb. 14 draws near, the Student Stores put up a display of pink Tar Heel shirts, Chapel Hill Florist is inundated with bouquet orders, and the Walgreens on Franklin Street is preparing for the last-minute rush assistant manager Andy Houlbrooke said he is expecting.

99 problems, but entering the basketball lottery isn't one

Taylor Robinette noticed more and more of his friends complaining about forgetting to sign up for UNC Men’s Basketball ticket lotteries — and he thought he could solve that problem. Robinette, along with Jack Wolhfert, both freshmen business and computer science majors, launched Tuesday what they consider a solution: UNC “Auto Lotto.” Through the Auto Lotto, students can securely enter the UNC email address and their ticket center password, along with paying a $3.95 fee to be automatically entered into every student ticket lottery.

Recipe Blog: Rice Krispie Treats

Happy Super Bowl week! No matter who they’re pulling for this Sunday, your friends are sure to love this delicious, Super Bowl party-perfect treat. I found this quick and easy recipe for Rice Krispie Treats on the Kellogg’s website.