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Wednesday March 22nd

Donate blood to win back the title from Appalachian

TO THE EDITOR:With a little bit of luck and a lot of donors, UNC can take back the distinction of holding North Carolina’s largest single-site, single-day blood drive.In the past two years, Appalachian State took that title away with its September drives, collecting more than 1,060 units in 2008 and just over 1,000 last year, beating our 966 and 976, respectively.

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Quick hits for May 13, 2010

Oil SpillThumbs DownThe Gulf of Mexico oil spill was catastrophic. Luckily, hair salons across the country are donating hair to make oil slip soppers to absorb the mess.   GraduationThumbs Up

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I’ve loved getting to know you this year

Today, I become an editor emeritus of The Daily Tar Heel. Or at least I’ll go with that title. It sounds a lot cooler than “former,” right?I’m ending a journey that began four years ago, when I came to campus with not a whole lot more than a map, a national championship T-shirt and a goofy OneCard picture.By the grace of God, that map led me into the DTH office.

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QuickHits for April 28, 2010

Durham strip clubThumbs DownTalks have begun about building a 10,000-foot strip club on nearly 24 acres in north Durham. Wow, this will totally   ruin Durham’s upstanding image. All we can say is: Get ready for some earthquakes.  Obama in N.C.Thumbs Up

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Save our education: Governor, General Assembly must recognize value of faculty to UNC and avoid overly burdensome cuts

Enough is enough. The UNC system can’t take any more financial hits to its academics.Gov. Bev Perdue’s recent budget proposal has another $100 million of cuts for the UNC system on top of the $162.5 million cut from the 2009-10 budget and $52 million in the 2010-11 budget.We get it. Education is expensive. The state tax revenue is shrinking. Cuts have to be made.

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More adventure awaits after UNC

As graduation nears, it is time I came clean.Out of the dark and into the light. I’m referring to blues, of course. Yep, I went to Duke.Just so we’re clear, I won’t be using this column to declare any loyalties to one or the other. I defer to the words of the great Mark Twain: “I don’t like to commit myself about heaven and hell — you see, I have friends in both places.”

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Talk, text in a car — Are you drunk!?

I have a hypothetical situation for you to consider. You are leaving a party and are faced with the option of riding shotgun with a buddy who’s knocked back a few gin and tonics or a friend who is constantly on the cell phone. Surprisingly, this is not a no-brainer.

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