3/19/2014 11:43pm

Kvetching Board for March 21, 2014

To the guy walking around campus with the metal lunch pail, in the words of Jameis Winston, “IF WE GON DO IT THEN, WE DO IT BIG THEN!”

2/27/2014 11:04pm

Kvetching Board for February 28, 2014

We had an amazing comeback to beat Duke, got biscuits vs. Wake and then stole a game at State in OT, all in the same week. There should be no kvetching here.

2/19/2014 10:40pm

Kvetching Board for February 21, 2014

Hey UNC Memes, if you could focus more on being a relic from two years ago and less on being a political mouthpiece, that would be great.

1/9/2014 11:37pm

Kvetching board for January 10, 2014

Next time someone asks me what I’m doing after I graduate I’m going to respond with “When was your last bowel movement?” So we can both feel unaccomplished and uncomfortable.

11/26/2013 3:07am

Kvetching Board for November 26, 2013

To the boy in math who constantly digs for nose gold and then eats it: I understand that it’s the end of the semester, but can’t you just beg for swipes like everybody else?