Kvetching Board


Kvetching Board for Oct. 10, 2014

Balaban 2016.

Kvetching Board for Oct. 3, 2014

To the girl in Wendy’s talking about how a pickle (like, the edible food kind) made her thirsty: Please, just, no.

Kvetching board for Sept. 26, 2014

Can we get a separate 
letters to the editor page for past and current 
members of Student 

Kvetching board for Sept. 19, 2014

To the student behind me on Merritt Mill Road driving a motor scooter with one hand while texting with the other; hope you have not yet reproduced. Let’s try not to pollute the gene pool.

Kvetching Board for Sept. 5, 2014

To the person who had an “accident” in an Old West bathroom shower: I don’t care who you are. If YOU poop it YOU scoop it.

Kvetching board for August 29, 2014

I didn’t realize it was recycling day until I saw a shirtless bro hauling two full bins of cans and beer boxes to the curb next to the community garden. Thanks for being the face (and abs) of the environmental movement.

Kvetches for August 22, 2014

Where am I supposed to procrastinate now that the second floor of Davis has been remodeled?

Kvetching Board for July 24, 2014

Can someone explain decaf coffee to me? Not the what, just the why.

Kvetching Board for May 22, 2014

To my liberal econ professor: If Keynes is so smart, how come he’s dead?

Kvetching Board for May 15, 2014

Why do sorority girls show up everywhere in odd numbers? Because they can’t even.