Kvetching Board


Kvetching board for August 29, 2014

I didn’t realize it was recycling day until I saw a shirtless bro hauling two full bins of cans and beer boxes to the curb next to the community garden. Thanks for being the face (and abs) of the environmental movement.

Kvetches for August 22, 2014

Where am I supposed to procrastinate now that the second floor of Davis has been remodeled?

Kvetching Board for July 24, 2014

Can someone explain decaf coffee to me? Not the what, just the why.

Kvetching Board for May 22, 2014

To my liberal econ professor: If Keynes is so smart, how come he’s dead?

Kvetching Board for May 15, 2014

Why do sorority girls show up everywhere in odd numbers? Because they can’t even.

Kvetches of the year, April 25, 2014

If I could read all these bad things people are saying about UNC, I would be so pissed.

Kvetching board for April 11, 2014

To Nicky Showtime the stripper man, I want to hate you, but that Boston accent is so hahd to dislike.

Kvetching Board for April 4, 2014

Undierun: streaking for those who have trouble committing.

Kvetching Board for March 28, 2014

Seriously though, when is Tar Heel Takeout going to start offering alcohol delivery? #thirstworldproblems

Kvetching Board for March 21, 2014

To the guy walking around campus with the metal lunch pail, in the words of Jameis Winston, “IF WE GON DO IT THEN, WE DO IT BIG THEN!”