Kvetching Board


Kvetching Board for Feb. 5, 2016

To DPS, so the first person you decide to get after at the BOG meeting is maybe the smallest person in the room? Congrats, bros, you just made me feel a whole lot safer. I think I saw a little old lady jaywalking somewhere you may want to taze.

Kvetching Board for Jan. 29, 2016

I got an email from the PSP listserv informing me I could not contribute to the PSP listserv without being on the PSP listserv. SMH.

Kvetching board for Jan. 22, 2016

I knew the apocalypse was near when the power went out and ESPN couldn't broadcast the game.

Kvetching board for Jan. 15, 2016

Dear Carolina Annual Giving: You are not “required” to ask me for money 3 times. No means no! Sincerely, 2012 grad still paying off student loans.

Kvetching board for Nov. 13, 2015

Naturally our preseason No. 1 rank was too good to be true. Is second half (of the season) Marcus going to be a thing?

Kvetching board for Nov. 6, 2015

Who else thinks Marcus broke his hand in a tragic DTH-dispenser accident?

Kvetching board for Oct. 23, 2015

How about instead of outsourcing the Student Stores, we outsource whoever’s in charge of eduroam?

Kvetching board for Oct. 9, 2015

Upon talking about my stress, my friend reminded me that I am a speck on a planet in the universe. Well, this speck has the right to feel miserable about her test, OK?!

Kvetching board for Sept. 25, 2015

Hi first-years, I’m pretty sure when you say, “I’m so done with college,” you really mean “I just got here.”

Kvetching board for Sept. 18, 2015

Remember that time the DTH endorsed Pat McCrory?