Kvetching Board


Kvetching board for April 11, 2014

To Nicky Showtime the stripper man, I want to hate you, but that Boston accent is so hahd to dislike.

Kvetching Board for April 4, 2014

Undierun: streaking for those who have trouble committing.

Kvetching Board for March 28, 2014

Seriously though, when is Tar Heel Takeout going to start offering alcohol delivery? #thirstworldproblems

Kvetching Board for March 21, 2014

To the guy walking around campus with the metal lunch pail, in the words of Jameis Winston, “IF WE GON DO IT THEN, WE DO IT BIG THEN!”

Kvetching Board for March 7, 2014

This weather is like a final $&@# you before spring break.

Kvetching Board for February 28, 2014

We had an amazing comeback to beat Duke, got biscuits vs. Wake and then stole a game at State in OT, all in the same week. There should be no kvetching here.

Kvetching Board for February 21, 2014

Hey UNC Memes, if you could focus more on being a relic from two years ago and less on being a political mouthpiece, that would be great.

Kvetching Board for February 14, 2014

Raise your hand if you feel personally victimized by d00k basketball.

Kvetching Board for February 7, 2014

I, for one, am glad James Michael McAdoo is better at playing basketball than he is at growing facial hair.

Kvetching Board for January 31, 2014

UNC: The only place where an inch of snow means a line for Instagrams at the Old Well #snOMG