10/6/2016 11:28pm

Kvetching Board for Oct. 7, 2016

While I hope nothing bad happens, I’m waiting for that Alert Carolina email telling me that class has been cancelled on account of hurricane so I can go kayaking in the Pit.

9/30/2016 12:33am

Kvetching Board for Sept. 30, 2016

If some right winger writes to a college newspaper and suggests repealing child labor laws, can the 13th amendment be far behind?

9/16/2016 12:38am

Kvetching board for Sept. 16, 2016

Is this a kvetching board or a lonely hearts club? I hope the shiny newness wears off soon and the resentment and pain creeps through. #TrueKvetch

9/8/2016 11:33pm

Kvetching Board for Sept. 9, 2016

To the cute girl in my class who wore a matching turquoise top, earrings and rubber bands on her braces last week: THAT’S how you color-coordinate an outfit. Snaps for you.

9/2/2016 12:17am

Kvetching Board for Sept. 2, 2016

The security scanners at Student Stores beep at me so often that I’m seriously considering abandoning my five seconds of air conditioning when walking across campus.

8/25/2016 11:32pm

Kvetching Board for Aug. 26, 2016

To the guy outside the SRC claiming a rhombus is just a square turned on its side, I hope you are not considering math as a major.

4/21/2016 10:28pm

Kvetching board for April 22, 2016

kvetch: v.1 (Yiddish) to complain “Life’s just a party & parties weren’t meant to last.” — Prince #RIP

4/7/2016 11:14pm

Kvetching Board for April 8, 2016

kvetch: v.1 (Yiddish) to complain Yes, Janie Wagstaff, “diversity seems to matter in race, gender and class ... but never in diversity of ideas,” if those ideas are about how diversity in race, gender and class *don’t matter*.

3/31/2016 11:21pm

Kvetching Board for April 1, 2016

kvetch: v.1 (Yiddish) to complain DTH: 1/2 HB2, 1/2 “our editors in chief in waiting hope to be more diverse.” So close.

3/3/2016 9:57pm

Kvetching Board for March 4, 2016

If DPS really uses parking ticket revenue to maintain roads and parking lots, then I have personally eradicated all the potholes on campus. You’re welcome.

2/18/2016 10:51pm

Kvetching Board for Feb. 18, 2016

Some anonymous dorm Post-it notes truly take the “passive” out of passive-aggressive. Glad I’m not you, hall mate who left her alarm on too long.

2/4/2016 11:18pm

Kvetching Board for Feb. 5, 2016

To DPS, so the first person you decide to get after at the BOG meeting is maybe the smallest person in the room? Congrats, bros, you just made me feel a whole lot safer. I think I saw a little old lady jaywalking somewhere you may want to taze.

1/28/2016 10:42pm

Kvetching Board for Jan. 29, 2016

I got an email from the PSP listserv informing me I could not contribute to the PSP listserv without being on the PSP listserv. SMH.

1/14/2016 11:02pm

Kvetching board for Jan. 15, 2016

Dear Carolina Annual Giving: You are not “required” to ask me for money 3 times. No means no! Sincerely, 2012 grad still paying off student loans.